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2021 Carolina Panthers Schedule and some thoughts on it


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1 minute ago, rayzor said:

getting us ready for playoffs on the road.

That is right--if we were like we were in 2003, we could play 4 home games and 10 road games in our last 14. 

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16 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

12-5 prediction for a team that everyone on our schedule is going to be looking at that game as either a definite win or at least a potential win... yeah, maybe a little blind.

Admittedly so... my 12-5 was also if we won the 3 ‘can we’ games... looking at each game individually, we c/should win the 9, so 9-8? IF teh team plays good & wins the 3 called ?s, makes it 12-5... 

splitting with NO & TB, losing to DAL, MIN & BUF is not expected but understandable & acceptable... 

Think those 6 games leading up to the Bye will have more of a deciding factor on the season than teh last 5... 

regardless, even if we only get the 9, then the team has progressed, and we’ll have to wait & see if Rhule can turn go 3:3 on 3 year turnarounds....

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Let's put this into a reasonable perspective, dividing our schedule into tiers and giving a modest win loss ratio to each tier. 
Divisional games:
New Orleans
Tampa Bay
Yes TB won the SB but they didn't dominate the regular season. I believe they made the playoffs as the 6th seed and just got hot at the end. They are older than the Appalachians I they are beatable. The Saints lost Brees but they also lost some other key players that I don't think they replaced in the draft. Definitely beatable. Atlanta is a bit of an unknow. New coach and system so we'll have to see there. Offense is good but Julio is down but they added Pitts. Defense should still be bad but they drafted pretty well I think. They are still beatable too. I think a modest guess would be a split. We could go under .500 but that would probably mean we aren't playing well. I think above .500 is more likely but let's just go with .500 for now. 3-3
Tier 1
That's a good team. Definitely a Super Bowl contender. On any given Sunday anything can happen but a modest guess would be a loss. 0-1
Tier 2
New England
In my opinion, only Arizona and Miami have play off potential but either Dallas or WFT could make it because they are in the East. The Vikings aren't really that good, Dallas is always over rated and I expect the same this season. New England is a bit of an unknown and the Pats are well coached but not sure how much better they will be this season. Arizona didn't impress me with their off season and Miami will have to win with Tua now and I'm not sure they can. WFT has a great D and  think they improved in the off season. Each of these teams are beatable for sure but lets stay modest though I expect better. 3-3
Tier 3
NY Giants
NY Jets
These teams are really bad. Two of them should battle for the 1st pick in 2022. I would really expect us to win all of these games but on any given Sunday, you know? Let's stay modest. 3-1
If we look at out schedule modestly, I'd say 9-8 is a reasonable expectation if we play average football this season. If any element of our team shows real improvement, then a double digit win season is definitely possible and with that a Wild Card spot. Let's just say we we pick up an extra win in the division and tiers 2 and 3, then we are looking at a 12-5 record. That's not unreasonable. I would say somewhere between 8-9 and 12-5 will likely be our range. However, because our schedule is weakest at the start of the season, it should give us the opportunity to build some momentum and confidence as we get into the more difficult part of the schedule. Hopefully, that will help us out when we have to face those Tier 2 teams and our divisional rivals helping get those extra wins to put us into double digit territory. Adding that into the equation I'm going to predict we finish at 11-6 and make the playoffs. 
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Posted (edited)

If we are any good we can get flexed into a few 4:00 games in December...4:00 starts are my fav

at Buffalo in dec sucks

Only 1 west coast trip, but 4 out of last 11 at home is gonna be tough

Edited by Scott12345
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I feel like we are in the same division as the Washington Football team.  We play them a lot. Sometimes I wonder what our playoff appearances would be if we were in our correct division, NFC East and Dallas was in the NFC South.

Tampa Bay, two times in 3 weeks. Tampa will either be resting or fighting for a playoff berth.


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19 minutes ago, Devil Doc said:

do you think they will fly back home, or practice in Texas?

If you combine the 10 days break between games and it being only a 3 hour flight I’d be very surprised if they didn’t fly home immediately following the Texans game. 


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