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Panthers minicamp observations and such


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1 minute ago, bythenbrs said:

Thoughts on Brady Christenson?

Don't really have any besides he looks the part. We will know much more when the pads are on and there is full contact.

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How has our DLine rotation look compared to past groups? Do you think they have the potential to eventually be a Peppers-Jenkins-Buckner or at least a CJ-Hardy-Star kind of havoc producing unit? 
Feels like they are going to wear teams down with relentless depth, speed and young hungry athletes pinning their ears back non-stop for 4 quarters.

I’m also excited for Morgan Fox….but I was also psyched for Weatherly last year. Thoughts on Fox?

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2 hours ago, Zod said:

Good day ladies and gentlemen. Here are a few observations from minicamp after watching yesterday. Again, some things cannot be said due to team polices.

- Grier had a better day. His only pick thrown was because the perfectly placed ball went right through the hands of the receiver.


If you have any specific questions I'll try to answer if I can.




I still can't understand the concern with the third quarterback over the second QB.

If something happens to the 1st string QB,are you trying to tell me me, we are going with the 3rd QB who doesn't even dress out for games, I mean, I'm just asking how's PJ doing? 

Plot twist: He's our secret weapon, goes against our team's policy to discuss such matters.


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How has UDFA LB Paddy Fisher looked ? 

He was a tackling machine in college but there were questions about his athleticism and long speed for the NFL.    Does he seem to have the agility / speed necessary to stick around ?   

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3 hours ago, Zod said:

There was a whole lot of killing the clock and getting the field goal off very quickly. Was actually pretty impressive.

How is the kicking competition shaping up? Slye looking confident?

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