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No starters will play Sunday vs the Colts


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19 minutes ago, panthers55 said:

I'm looking forward  to seeing PJ with the 1s. Let's see if he is the real deal. And he gets to start against his old team. Great drama here. Let's see Tremble mix it up. Should be chippy as well with all the trash talking. 

PJ is not going to be with the ones. He and Grier will be with the scrubs. Rhule said no starters are playing at all. 

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2 hours ago, CanePantherHornet said:

Last season showed how little the preseason matters. I don't recall any teams having any issues with sloppiness or whatever.

And that was without joint practices. This year they should be so much more prepared. I hope 

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24 minutes ago, janderson20vt said:

It's a long 17 game season. Seems wise to me. They'll get reps in the next two preseason games along with having multiple joint practices.

Seems if you wanted to give guys a game off it would be game 3.   That why you aren’t banged up going into week 1.  And as of right now it is the only one Rhule will say for certain he will play Darnold and company. 

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    • You're looking at average air yards there, not average yards. His AY/A was 9.7, but his Y/A was 8.7. He definitely looked deeper this year, especially considering that his AY/A were 7.3, 6.3, 6.3, 6.8 prior to the 9.7 jump. The Herbert stat you looked at for 8.1 is actually 9.0 when comparing the same stat. Herbert's numbers are consistently higher than Pickett's despite Herbert playing in a system where he didn't often push the ball deep downfield. The hand size isn't an advanced metric, but it is another ding against him. The hand size concern correlates to his propensity to fumble, which he averaged once every other game. During the same time span in the pros, Russell Wilson averaged a fumble once every four games (and he's got 10.25" hands). This is a much different issue than arm length, which can be compensated for with quick feet. Some more metrics, basic or advanced, that hurt him: While he's 13-10 vs. top-25 opponents in-season, he's only 3-7 against teams that remained ranked at the end of the season His combined stat line from those 10 games is: 183/302 (60.6%) for 1,923yds, 8 TDs, 8 INTs, 6.0 Y/A; 92 rushing attempts for 120 yards (1.1yd avg), 3 rushing TDs, 5 fumbles. That averages out to a really bad stat line on a per game basis. Before 2021, he was 2-6 with the following stat line: 138/230 (60%) for 1,368yds, 4 TDs, 8 INTs, 5.5 Y/A, 79 rushing attempts for 85yds (0.6avg), 2 rushing TDs, 4 fumbles  
    • When did I ever say I was talking to you? I said the one people consider to be "experts" on here. What does that have to do with you? Like you said I hope people don't look to you as an expert.....
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