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Christensen and Brown "close to contributing"


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Very impressed with Brown dropping that much weight and looking as ferocious as he has.

There is absolutely no reason Daley and/or Elflein should be beating both of these guys out at the guard spots.  Maybe if Daley was at LG.  I just don't get how they're so turned around on evaluating this OL.  I get that we're fans, couch gms, whatever, but it is pretty damn obvious, no?  



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2 hours ago, AU-panther said:

Honestly I think our staff has a bit of a college mentality.

You recruit kids with good traits and you turn them into good football players.

There is a reason we keep going after these high draft pick free agents who have struggled elsewhere.



Dont know the exact traits but with every passing off season I see more. Athleticism plays a major role. 

Evidence: As a whole unit on average I'd wager we're top 10 maybe 5 of athletically gifted DT's in the league. Could probably say the same at DE. 

Not so much at Oline.

Also: The ones that are average are more than likely multi position guys.

If you think of our defense, every one of our starters can play more than one position or interchangeable.  The exception would be Horn. 

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Look Im not a ELF fan at all, hated the signing and repeatedly questioned the player many times. I thought he was the 2022 paradis replacement. 

Soooo very low expectations. I thought he did "decent". He combo blocked, released and got out the two level. In space blocking LBs and CBs, most OL whiff and ELF did that a couple times. He also pulled and was used in the screen game. I except Qwilliams&Srichardson to have career days going against ELF&paradis. They held their own to my shock. One flag on CMC 1st down hurt a little, still not bad

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Well.. It can't be any worse than the 32nd ranked pass protection grade we received from PFF this week. 20% pass protection win rate this week, in other words the ability to hold your block for 2.5 seconds.

What Meyer is really saying is they are far enough along to replace the trash we have in place at the moment. 

We could be in for a very long season, CMC was the big reason Sam didn't take more hits. He's either open or making a block. If our O-line doesn't improve its play, we will consistently see CMC getting 30 touches a game and when Sam doesn't have the time to push the ball ball down the field, we will realize this was the same issue Teddy Bridgewater had last year.

If this team can get consistently league average pass protection, it will be a dynamic high scoring team. Sam needs more than 2.5 seconds 20% of the time or else this team becomes dink and dunk and pray for CMCs health for 17 games.

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I don’t understand why coach’s think his arms are to short to play LT. him and brown dominated when they were in there together during the preseason which they should because they were going against backups. You can either play LT or you can’t what he lacks in arm length he makes up for with Athleticism.

does anyone know what Brady pass rush win rate was during in college stint…it was the best in college .8 % 

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