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I knew CMC had a lot of touches, but yikes....


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3 minutes ago, frankw said:

You said 30 isn't a ton but that's debatable. Averaged over a season it's a record that has stood for 37 years. In 2019 CMC was averaging 25 touches per game which was most in the nfl that season. So yes in this context 30 is very significant. 40 would be unheard of and absolutely absurd.

Lol dude read my post again and consider context. I don't disagree, but anyone expecting 30 touches per game for McCaffrey is clueless. This game was the 4th most touches of his entire career. As a one off game that was one of his largest workloads of his career 30 really isn't that much. If it does become a consistent thing then that's a different story. But it won't. 40 in a one off very high workload game game is not unheard of at all and I agree it would be absurd, that's why I said so in my other post.

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43 minutes ago, frankw said:

The team we are facing this weekend blew the Green Bay Packers off the field with a running game of Alvin Kamara and a 23 year old undrafted running back who had been on their practice squad since 2020. 


If those guys aren't ready to see the field do you have some magic coaching formula to make them ready by Sunday?

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2 hours ago, frankw said:

He is on pace for 500 touches which would be most in nfl history a record that has been held by James Wilder since 1984. They just paid one of their top wideouts 37 million dollars. Spread the ball around.


Click on the link to see James Wilder's career stats. He had two great seasons back to back at ages  26 and 27. He had 492 touches in 1984 and 418 in 1985. He started all 16 games and rushed for over a 1,000 yards in both seasons. He also had 138 receptions over that period.

After 1985, there's a drastic drop-off.

1) Never eclipsed 250 touches after 85'. After 86' he never eclipsed 150 before he retired in 90'

2) Never started 16 games again

3) Never rushed for more than 704 after 85, and never passed 500 after 86.

4) After having 138 receptions in 1984-85, he only had 135 receptions over the next 5 seasons of his career.

Wilder wasn't the same type of back as Christian. He was more of an Eddie George type at 6-3/225. i didn't see him play much with Tampa because the Bucs weren't on TV much in SC back in the mid 80's but he was never as shifty as CMac and had an upright running style so he took a lot of hits. He was also older than Christian is now when he had is two great seasons. But it's pretty clear that the heavy work load he had in 1984-1985 caught up with him pretty quickly.

We need need to get Chuba and Royce up to speed blend them into the offense as quickly as possible.


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11 minutes ago, Carl Spackler said:

Wow. Can't believe Sam Darnold's gonna rush for 17 touchdowns this season. What a legend.


8 minutes ago, Carl Spackler said:

Darren Waller for MVP, amirite? 170 catches this year?

Conveniently ignoring leading the league in touches just 2 years ago. We get you see yourself as the president of the Christian McCaffrey fanclub but you are emotionally invested in this and it shows.

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