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The Changing Culture

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I have to agree. To be fair, I don't feel like the bar was very high here. His first year I thought I would be able to just watch the games with zero expectations. I was almost upset I didn't get a year of low expectations,  because missing the playoffs wouldn't hurt so much. We outplayed my expectations by a mile last year. Losing 8 or 9 games by a score or less showed we were competitive in almost every single game we played. It felt like we belonged inside the top 20 of the league. Which we had no business even sniffing judging by the personnel we had. The defense has grown at a ridiculous rate. I honestly believe the offense isn't far behind. It may not be until next year before it really takes off, because we need to strengthen the o-line. All I know, is Rhule and Co. saw the issues we had.....and made some valid attempts to fix them. (o-line is questionable considering options we could have gone after in draft) But all in all, it was refreshing to see our weaknesses being addressed.  

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The crazy thing is this is just year 2 of the rebuild and year 1 of being away from Hurney. This defense was put together while leading the league in available cap room and and having 45 million plus in dead cap. The expectations Rhule has are sky high. 

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6 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

I would add this as a big change for me personally...

It feels damn good to feel good about who's in charge.

(got a feeling I'm not the only one saying that right now)

For sure that's why I ain't even sweating it...we got cap space too.

Scot repeat adder me. WE GOT CAP SPACE TOO

We got FA pick ups like Reddick
We got draf picks yes draf picks like Brown, Chinn, Horn, Burns

breh, bruh, bruddah, bro

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Going into this season, I made a big point of saying that Rhule and Co. could well find themselves on the hot seat if they didn't outperform last year. I still think that could be the case with a late season melt-down, but I have to say right now, things are looking better than they have in years.

This team doesn't have the vibe of the 2003 or 2015 seasons, but it has something, that's for sure. Hopefully it's going to be something great, but I keep trying to tailor my vision by reminding myself it's just now week 3.

The Jets were a team that collapsed and are being rebuilt. The Saints had excuses and they may have beaten a Green Bay team that is unexpectedly bad (that win over Detroit doesn't wash all the stink off of the prior week). Now, we're up against the Texans and they have a boatload of reasons why they will probably lose. So the pundits will probably downplay our wins, and rightly so. I might worry more if they instead start crowning us as wonderkids this year prematurely.

But, all teams have to play the teams that are on the schedule. Just because we're feeling our Wheaties doesn't mean we can demand a cage match against the champs right now. So, we're just going to have to just truck on down the road and keep beating who the schedule makers put in front of us for the next 21 weeks.

For once, though, I'm really liking our chances coming out of the gates. And that's been a long time coming.

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What they've done in two short years should be applauded. With Boyue back, there really isn't a huge weakness on the defensive side of the ball. We are fast, strong, young and athletic, while also deep enough that we can rotate folks in and out. 

If we re-sign DJ, we will be deep 1-3 (as well as Shi) at WR, set at HB and TE, and looks like QB is trending upward on a 23-year old top-3 drafted signal caller. 

I think this FA and draft we go full OL and K and walk into 2022 set up for long-term success. Like, if we snag a top OL in FA and grab another in Rounds 1 and 2, I wouldn't be against a K in the fourth or fifth round if there's a Janikowski-esque guy that comes along. 

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Who knows what happens going forward, but for the first time, in a long time, the team seems to know the direction it wants to take.

SOOOO refreshing seeing so many young players out there playing well....that was a rarity under the last two coaching regimes...glad it's gone.

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