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Do we see Deonte Brown on Sunday?

Tommy Jone

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11 minutes ago, KB_fan said:

Moton didn't play much his rookie year IIRC. I'm okay with slower development of O-line guys as long as the staff gets a chance to see what they really have before next year's draft. Didn't Norwell & Turner get slotted in fairly late in 2014 season and we went on a tear... Would be nice for a repeat scenario!!!

One thing to keep in mind as far as O-line activations is the question of backup Center with Elflein on IR.  It's been Tecklenburg the past 2 weeks. If we plan to have him as backup again he needs to be officially added to 53 since he's reached his limit of PS elevations.

Is there anyone else on our roster who can back up Paradis ?

Pretty sure Moton's first year was him sitting behind Daryl Williams when Daryl was earning himself a phat contract.  Oh, and Rivera.  There was ALWAYS Rivera in those days.

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So Tecklenburg was promoted to 53. Pretty much a guarantee that he'll be active again as backup C.

Assuming active O-line will be 

Moton, Miller, Paradis, Daley, Erving 

and then Scott, Tecklenburg and Christensen as reserves.






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37 minutes ago, Jon Snow said:

It is possible but highly unlikely. 


1 hour ago, BlackPanther21_ said:

He cant possibly be worse then Elflein and Daley

The chargers, literally, had the worst line in the league last year.

Forrest Lamp 2020  PFF 49.4 
Pat Elflein 2021 PFF 50.6
John Miller 2021 PFF 53.6
Dennis Daley 2021 PFF 60.0


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