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Deangelo Williams and Gary Barnidge on Cam and yesterday's game


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Gary bringing nothing but straight facts.  Anybody could of beaten the Cards.  McCoy hadn’t played in 5 years.  Guess he missed McCoy and AZ dismantling the 49ers the week prior.    We lost to the Falcons.   I missed that secret game.   Anyone can score on the #4 defense if they get close.   Getting in and scoring isn’t impressive.  

Gary was super emotional. Even DeAngelo got to a point where he was like….you okay?  And even implied Gary needed to show Cam some respect.  Imagine what a hater you have to be for DeAngelo to get uncomfortable with it lol. 

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3 minutes ago, ickmule said:

No idea why anyone is mad about anything any media fool has To say at this point.  We really have no idea what we have in Cam. He played an handful of plays and looked good. A handful of plays does not equate to a full game played.  Arizona did not gameplan for any plays with Cam as QB.  Tempering expectations until we’ve seen Cam play several full games is best, otherwise your setting yourself up for disappointment.  

Probably because it was all one big strawman. 

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1 hour ago, pantherclaw said:

He was wrong that CMC deserved the credit? That PJ played well? 

I wasn't 💯 in agreement, but he was right that nobody is giving credit to those who actually won the game. 

This fan base is 💯 insane with Cam Newton.

This may be the case, but it’s pot meet kettle with you as you were insane against Cam while he was here the first time. 

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I got tired of listening to dwill pretty soon after football was done with him. It didn't take long for most media outlets to get tired of listening to him too. 

Basically...I'm not putting myself through that.

As far as Barnidge is concerned...

Who Is This Owl GIF

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2 hours ago, PanthersATL said:

I'm probably going to get this wrong:

  • some of what they spoke about earlier in the program was about how fandom can act as blinders vs actuality. (they were talking about other sports with this commentary)
  • Generally speaking, 2021 Cam is not the same as 2015 Cam. We shouldn't expect 2015 Cam.
  • Give credit to PJ and CMC. Cam only played for 5 snaps.
  • To me, it didn't sound anti-Cam, but trying to take a step back and be realistic about what the upcoming games and current situation is all about.

Again - I'm probably wrong with these bullets.

Yeah basically what I say here all the time .

According to clown world here being rational and objective is hating Cam.

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