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OC Candidates Basic Info

Mr. Scot

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Base details on the three candidates confirmed so far...

Former Offensive Coordinator, Minnesota Vikings
Age: 34
College: Colorado State University
Overall Coaching Experience: 12 years
NFL Coaching Experience: 8 years
Offensive Coordinator Experience: 1 year (last season)
Notable: dad Gary Kubiak is an experienced NFL coach who led the Denver Broncos to Super Bowl victory over the Panthers

Wide Receivers Coach, Indianapolis Colts
Age: 50
College: University of Virginia
Overall Coaching Experience: 22 years
NFL Coaching Experience: 9 years
Offensive Coordinator Experience: 5 years, first 3 at the college level
Notable: was the Eagles receivers coach their Super Bowl season; spent several years working under dad Al Groh at UVA

Runningbacks Coach, Indianapolis Colts
Age: 43
College: Duke
Overall Coaching Experience: 16 years
NFL Coaching Experience: 4 years
Offensive Coordinator Experience: 5 years, all at the college level
Notable: served as head coach at East Carolina University for three years; was an undrafted free agent with the Panthers in 2000 but did not make the final roster; native of the Carolinas

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5 minutes ago, Ricky Spanish said:

Scottie Montgomery is absolutely terrible so I guarantee he gets the job. 

I don’t think Matt Rhule could handle someone actually good on his staff.   It would make it glaring to players how incompetent he is. 

so yeah, this guy is a leading candidate.  Plus it would be basically an over promotion.  Which is what it will take to get someone to come here. 

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So far, Groh is the only guy with more than a year of OC experience at the pro level (Groh - 2, Kubiak - 1, Montgomery - none).

(Kubiak can conceivably call on his dad, of course)

Mind you, this isn't likely to be the final list.

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