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NFL football tonight (kinda)


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8 minutes ago, Jackie Lee said:

Tevor's not playing, Not sure about Carr. Adams is supposed to. Jarett Stidham vs CJ Beathard, actually both decent backups. I suppose both teams have new coaches but I doubt they show much as far as playbooks go

Bethard will not be playing.. he pulled his groin.. Looks like Luton for Jacksonville.. not sure who else they have as qb 

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10 hours ago, bLACKpANTHER said:

2019 Season - Cam/Ron - Excitement Level: 6/10
We were coming off that 7 game skid with a meaningless win over the Saints to end the season that made us drop like 8 spots in the draft (Burns).

2020 Season - Bridgewater - Excitement Level: 5/10
Ron was canned - Cam released - we hired Rhule and traded for Teddy. The newness of everything got me excited as the season got closer but not too much.

2021 Season - Darnold - Excitement Level: 4/10
Oh boy- I was less than optimistic but whenever you get a new QB things are intriguing. I was interested to see if Rhule and Co. was who we thought they were.

2022 Season - Mayfield - Excitement Level: 7/10
Someone needs to settle me down. Not that I am giddy, but I think I'm more optimistic I have been and it is not warranted. I think Wildcard is SUPER realistic.

Pretty close to my feelings, Although I'm remiss you left luke retiring out of the 2020 season and will add that was probably 4/10 as well.

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49 minutes ago, RJK said:

Just curious if you saw this today🤣🤣


This is how you end up being mentally ill. Being on social media enough that you post about DM's people send you with screenshots of things people say about you in some random internet forum.

That's a tough life, living second to second staring at a cell phone screen. 

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