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Hypothetical: What Happens Next?


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18 minutes ago, UNCrules2187 said:

I think if Rhule is fired, Snow is probably gone with him. In that case, I'd rather Wilks be promoted to DC to handle the defense full time and keep McAdoo as OC. Promote Tabor to interim HC (he has experience leading Chicago as interim HC for one game last year due to COVID) and probably easy enough to elevate an assistant to full time ST coach.  

That's the thing with the Panthers. Your average NFL coaching roster has guys that have been part of several coaching staffs. Ours has several guys that have followed Matt Rhule around for a pretty significant part of their careers.

The longest tenured Rhule loyalists...

DC Phil Snow (of course)

DB Coach Evan Cooper

LB Coach Mike Siravo

RB Coach Jeff Nixon

Assistant ST Coach Ed Foley

S&C Coach Jeremy Scott

The good news? Most of those guys are either non-essential or fairly replaceable. For example, Wilks can likely take over DC duties while still coaching the secondary, Al Holcomb can handle the linebackers and other assistants who stick can shift duties to cover what we need.

Not like we're losing anybody that's world class or anything...

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26 minutes ago, PanthersATL said:

Not likely with the Miami ownership situation for suggesting exactly that.   https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/02/us/nfl-miami-dolphins-suspend/index.html 

There is a difference in trying to lose and just being so poor it happens naturally 

the Panthers are the latter situation 

I believe also that Fitterer gave a few of next year’s picks away

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36 minutes ago, PanthersATL said:

Not likely with the Miami ownership situation for suggesting exactly that.   https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/02/us/nfl-miami-dolphins-suspend/index.html 

Tepper won't have to 'try' to tank; just leave things as they are until the end of the season. We're already on that trajectory and they can't punish Tepper for just leaving things as they are.

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12 minutes ago, panthersgreenville said:

Interesting, I wonder how you can prove a team is tanking though

They can't really...and they didn't as far as I know.  Pretty sure the NFL dropped the whole tanking angle from the Dolphin recent drama. 

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