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Why is mediocrity so attractive?

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1 hour ago, Ivan The Awesome said:

I've been doing some critical thinking. It seems that most fans are ready to go back to mediocrity. I include myself in this. Yes what Wilks did was nothing short of amazing. But if you really think about it. He went 6-6.  The guy before the fraud we had at HC was that. Mediocre. It's a reccuring theme it seems. Look at buffalo. Another Rivera tree product is up there and they are a playoffs team loaded with talent with a franchise QB and they.. can't.  Get. Over. The. Hump.  We're seeing it play out. Daboll left and all of a sudden the Bills aren't as good in offense. McDermott is still there but I digress. 


Honestly it's time to move on from the same thing that this team does over and over and over again and expects different outcomes. Yeah we'll be a playoffs team, sure it will be a good story to see Wilks that's from Charlotte have success but the writing is on the wall, he comes from that same tree of mediocrity. I for one am tired of that. It's time to go a different direction. No I don't want Payton. Or Dorsey. Steichen is the guy. Sirianni told him to take over and Hurts is basically an MVP candidate all of a sudden. He's the guy.  /Rant over. 

Unfortunately, I think it comes down to something as simple as we’re just a small market team. We don’t attract a lot of top-tier free agents unless you have a few on the team i.e. cam, Luke Greg, and so on. It literally takes a perfect storm for a small market team to be good and even Super Bowl level. Hit on the draft of the quarterback and start from there. 

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21 minutes ago, Sgt Schultz said:

People are generally attracted to mediocrity because it is safe.  Moving to excellence takes a lot of work, tough decisions, and risks.  For football teams and fans, that step involves the potential to part with favorite players, especially if somebody offers a king's ransom for them, their usefulness is about to wane, or the contract they are going to command inhibits moving forward. 

The Pats over the years have been a revolving door.  That's how they stayed so good for so long.  People want to give Brady credit for that, but Brady always had tools around him.  The names of those tools changed a lot, and fairly often.  They could have allowed the early 2000's team to age out because it brought them three Owls.  They didn't.  It was viewed as cold much of the time, but it kept them competitive.

To that end, think of all the howling that has been done by this fanbase when any long-time or popular player was let go.  Granted, there was not always a replacement on the roster, but that was rarely the point of the howling.  "How could we let them go/trade them after all he has done."

I thought what Wilks did with Rhule's roster and flawed assumptions was very good.  Would any of us have been surprised at 3-9 in that same stretch when the change was made?  The guy inherited not only the roster but the coaches, made a few changes, and the team looked like it had a purpose.  That is a testimony to his ability to lead a locker room.  It is also a testimony to how bad The Process was.  Wilks made some lemonade out of the lemons The Process left behind. His ability to lead a locker room and focus the team is not at issue.

That said, I would not jump off the roof of a five story building if Wilks gets the job, but he is not my first choice.  I would need to see something convincing that he would have been more aggressive with his own roster, instead of playing not to lose.  I would also need to see a sustainable plan for the offense, including how we will deal with attrition.  That is a lot to ask.  In other words, I would need to see that he is not striving for mediocrity. 

For what its worth, if we are looking heavily at offensive coaches, I want to see the answer to similar questions on the defensive side.

I love your first three paragraphs. The Wilks stuff Meh Kinda GIF by Cultura

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46 minutes ago, countryboi said:

Yall are always so optimistic about some young swing for the fences type coach, it can always be worse, we can always hire someone worse. For every Sean Mcvay it's 20 Kliff Kingsburys.

What Wilks did this season is not mediocrity its excellence. he took Rhule's 3-14 season and had this team in a position to compete there, are very few coaches because most of them suck.

Whether Wilks is the future coach is not my decision to make but what we not going to do is act like what he did this season was anything short of amazing. 

Amazing? We had a 14-0 lead in a playoff must win game and we let them run one play 3 times in 4 drives for east TDs. For a defensive and secondary expert, that’s inexcusable as were the not going for the jugular in the first half.

The one top tier team he played wiped their ass with us. He didn’t do anything amazing, he just did better than Rhule. Rhule sucked but in 2020 we almost beat KC and GB who were both elite teams that year. Beating Cincy would have been in that amazing bucket.

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11 minutes ago, flagfootballcoach28 said:

We need to draft QB every single time we have a top 10 pick until we hit on one. Idc how long it takes 

Nope. Give the guy 2-3 years to see if he has it by surrounding him with weapons. If he hasn't by the end of the third season, then yeah, draft his replacement.

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20 minutes ago, TLGPanthersFan said:

Wilks will never win a Super Bowl. Most he will do is flounder for 1 or 2 seasons and be fired. 
Interim HC do not succeed when the tag is removed. Coaches like him do not succeed in the modern NFL. 

I’d bet he wouldn’t win a Super Bowl either. Most coaches don’t. 

But you and I don’t KNOW what he would or would not do as coach. 

Most of these coaches won’t be with their team, if hired, in 2-3 years. It’s tough out there. 

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Now that the thread has branched out into something ... it's simple really: People don't like mediocrity "because it's safe". People don't like mediocrity period. And it has nothing to do with us being a small market team. It has nothing to do with people willing to accept what they think they deserve, though that last part has some truth to it. Some think we deserve to be a dynasty. But ...

It all boils down to a large percentage of Huddlers and Panthers fans being unable to admit to themselves that the franchise isn't good. Outside of a handful of seasons, it's never been good. Every year you have fans saying we're just a player away. Or, we're just a coach away. Or, if we draft this guy we're in the conversation. No. No we're not. We're never in the conversation. 2015 was an aberration. The Carolina Panthers are a bottom feeder NFL franchise. We're barely even "mediocre".

What I'm trying to explain here is that no one is okay with mediocrity ... because people refuse to believe we can even be mediocre. The sooner people realize that the entire franchise needs a complete reboot, the sooner you can look forward to being a yearly competitor.

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59 minutes ago, Ivan The Awesome said:

If you want Wilks, you want mediocrity. Point blank period. 

Can’t reason with willful ignorance. 

I mean I disagree with literally every take MrCompletely has, but I don’t question him wanting the team to win. 


That’s so silly. 

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8 minutes ago, Shocker said:

People are willing accept what they think they deserve

And unfortunately WE get what David Tepper thinks we deserve and it ain't no winning NFL team or the best coach who was available, who wanted the Panthers job and was probably told they needed to sniff a bunch of lesser coach butt before they decided if they wanted such an accomplished head coach to lead their franchise out of the depths of the sea and back on course to scare the crap out of the NFCS .

This is a guy very familiar with college kids, the guy who designed offenses and groomed Andrew Luck and one read Kaepernick. His .695 NFL win percentage from four years with the niners remains almost the SAME today at .691.

This very coach had his people get in touch to tell the Panthers he was sincere about wanting the Panthers HC job before almost all the 32 teams and obviously didn't feel the love...unless it's a smoke screen 😉


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14 minutes ago, Billy Love said:

I don't get the 6-6 stat. you mean 6-11 single season record or 6 wins - in 6 consecutive seasons?

I may be misinterpreting your question, but the Wilks-led Panthers went 6-6 after The Process had the locks to his office changed.  I'd even give the man a pass on the Rams game since the whole situation was a clusterfugg.


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