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Per Rich Eisen: “The Bears are long down the road to trading the first overall pick. The teams have been identified, compensation is being hammered out.”


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19 minutes ago, Wundrbread33 said:

Is this a running joke here or do people actually have alts? Lol what’s the point in that. 

Just look like a fool and own it like the rest of us!

People create accounts and comment on their orginal accounts are hilarious.


I know for a fact some of these posters are the same person. I literally delt with one today. They talk exactly the same. Like dude don't make it that obvious.lol

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5 hours ago, Brent Gregory said:

In a very bad qb  year this is the nightmare unfolding before our eyes. The most polished qb is a little person and the most gifted athlete can't hit a broad side of a barn. The other 2 aren't remotely worth giving up future needed picks. Letting Carr get away left Carolina in a horrible situation.  Now they're gonna franchise the future for a qb who most likely will go down the road of Darnold, Fields, Mayfield etc....

You are probably one of those guys that thinks we need to resign Cam. 

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1 hour ago, SmokinwithWilly said:

That and having 2 WR1s.

Yeah, hard to use the Bengals as a FA example when they took Higgins with an early 2nd in Burrow’s draft and Chase early in the 1st the next year. If we trade up, we’d basically be forfeiting Higgins, Chase and the following year’s first.

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It's going to be really interesting to see what happens with the number 1 pick, the Panthers, or anything else.

I can see both the idea of trading up, picks be damned, for a franchise changer QB.  I can also see being patient and waiting for the draft to come to them.

I have no clue what will happen.  This is a really good staff, so I'm curious to see if they are willing to bet their jobs on CJ Stroud, Will Levis or Anthony Richardson...

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