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Breer on #1, trade down options

Mr. Scot

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8 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

From his latest mailbag (Link)

From Ricky Dawson (@metmyneeds): Who do you think the Panthers are going to take at the number one draft slot? Thanks.

Ricky, I don’t know, and they don’t know. I understand people are having trouble believing this, but Carolina really did move up feeling very comfortable about a couple of the quarterbacks, while wanting to give the four top guys a fair shot through the process. That’s where the flexibility to trade down comes in: If the Panthers feel like three guys are worthy of the top pick, maybe they’d drop a couple of spots to recoup some of the capital that they gave up in making the trade with the Bears.

The Texans could be an interesting team to keep an eye in that sense. Houston considered moving up to No. 1, and the Bears looked at the double trade scenario, where they’d have gone from one to two to nine. Ultimately, Houston may not have been quite ready to pull the trigger, but if the Texans get hot on, say, Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud, it might make sense for them to give up a pick to go up, particularly since they’ve already went through the exercise with Carolina.

Now, if I had to guess? I’d say Young is the leader for the Panthers, but I think Stroud has advocates in the building, and this isn’t close to over yet.

Again no poster or insider has given us a clue as to what a trade with Houston would look like.  

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I'm still in the camp of taking our top guy on the board, even if it's just by the slimmest of margins, it's QB, you take the best available to you if you have the choice, don't let someone else choose.

But if they can deduce with essentially 100% certainty that the Texans would be taking the guy we don't have ranked first, then I'll make the swap, but I'm still making them pay thru the nose.

All week I'd been saying my cost there would be #2, #12, and 2024 1st, but if we're very sure our #1 isn't who they'd take (i.e. we want Stroud and they want Young and we KNOW it), then I'd take #2, their 2nd this year, and their 2024 First.

But anything short of that and I say it's not worth the risk of them taking our top ranked guy.

Then I'm packaging up their 2nd and our 2nd to try and get back into the First if JSN starts to slip and pair him with Stroud.

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38 minutes ago, frankw said:

The Office Reaction GIF

you missed the part at the beginning where he said "We don't know yet"

His guess is way more informed than ours. Two people have said this now so I beginning to believe there's a little smoke to the "If the draft were today" fire

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