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Panthers sign Adam Thielen

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16 hours ago, Sub Zero said:

It doesn’t.. He is going to be your slot safety blanket for your rookie QB.. And a vet teacher for our very young WR room.. Think of him like Ricky Prohel..College Basketball Dancing GIF by UNC Tar Heels

Or Cotchery on that 2015 SB team. Get open, catch the ball, move the chains, repeat. Nothing fancy, just a smart, reliable guy who does his job. I love this guy.

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14 hours ago, Peon Awesome said:

Stop quoting the $25 million.  We are obviously not paying a 35/36 year old Thielen $9 million. This is very likely a 2 year $14 million contract effectively, with the last year thrown in for cap purposes. It's essentially a foregone conclusion that he'll be cut after 2 years. I'm guessing the last year has around an $8 million cap savings if cut, with a dead cap of only $2.5 million. 

Overall a solid signing in a position of desperation. Hopefully he'll serve as a strong mentor and rub off on the young guys like TMJ and Shi Smith too.


"He will carry a cap hit of $3.3M in 2023 and $9.9M in 2024. His base salary for each season is as follows: $1.1M, $5.5M, and $4M. $11M of his deal was guaranteed at signing with an $8.3M signing bonus. 

This is, however, essentially a two-year deal. The Panthers can decide to move on from Thielen after the 2024 season and it would only cost them $5 million in dead cap as opposed to $11 million if he were cut after the 2023 season. "

So, basically a 2 year $18M deal.

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31 minutes ago, shaqattaq said:



Minnesota QBs since 2018: Cousins, throwing for 153 TDs, 5th best in that time, throwing to him, Diggs, and Jefferson

Carolina QBs since 2018: The Shell of Cam Newton x2, Kyle Allen, Teddy Bridgewater, Will Grier, PJ Walker, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, maybe others I'm forgetting: 91 TDs, 2nd worst in that time, throwing to Moore, Anderson, and endless JAGs 

Somewhat of a chicken/egg argument and Thielen is a different type of player than DJ, a type that Caroina has sorely needed in years past, so this doesn't really mean much when discussing DJ Moore. I think Thielen has some left in the tank, but expectations should be tempered accordingly.

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As I'm listening to this interview, I'm excited as hell that we snagged Adam Thielen. He speaks highly of the facilities, players we've brought in so far, and coaching staff

Every day it shows that we made the right choice at head coach.

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3 minutes ago, Jesse said:

As I'm listening to this interview, I'm excited as hell that we snagged Adam Thielen. He speaks highly of the facilities, players we've brought in so far, and coaching staff

Every day it shows that we made the right choice at head coach.

Bit about Reich speaks volumes about this staff and just further cements he was the right choice for the job.

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For those that missed the interview: 

Came here for a chance to win, believes we are building towards winning a super bowl and he wants to be a part of building that offense. Expects immediate success. Looking forward to being a teacher for the other guys. Reiterated SEVERAL times the goal is to win a Super Bowl and he expects to contend here. 

He is healthy and feels great. Finished the year healthy, was able to hit the ground running on off season workouts. (I did not know this but he owns his own protein bar, a couple gym franchises) Claims to be in best shape. He and his family comes out tomorrow to officially sign and get the lay of the land.

We have a golf simulator 10 feet from the locker room, said that was awesome to see and something that did actually encourage him to sign. Said if they wanted to recruit him the two things we could have done to "roll out the red carpet" would be a golf sim in the locker room and a cold brew waiting when he walked in the door. We were 1/2 lol.

Team did NOT say who we are drafting although he asked and pushed hard but they would not budge. 

There were additional teams pushing to sign him, two that were mentioned by name were Dallas and Denver. A hang up for some of those teams were his age and would only offer a 1 year deal. 

Originally did NOT plan on visiting. Only reason he even agreed to come out was the large amount of respect he has for Frank Reich. Said he has long admired him and his offense. Went on to praise his vision for building an offense, a staff etc. 

Said there are a COUPLE other WRs we are attempting to sign and he has gone full into recruiter mode. Gave props to our signings so far. Praised the signing of Andy Dalton and his existing relationship with him and said Andy being here "a huge part of the decision" to sign as well as praising Sanders and Hurst signing. 

All in all he seems like a great dude. I'm excited he is part of the team. 

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