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Official Panthers at Seahawks GameDay Thread!


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3 minutes ago, CRA said:

Take out the busted coverage play 

Andy is 59% for 111 yards against a bad secondary.  

I still say you got to see a full game.  This offense in reality isn’t doing much and generally the 2nd half/3rd is where it has really been bogging down for them 

Even so, CRA, wasn't Bryce under 100 yards and nearly 50% comp pct until that prevent drive last week?  And we have 13 points at the half.

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3 minutes ago, Varking said:

As a Panther fan and member on this forum for over 10 years I feel it’s almost required to dig or joke about our own situation otherwise it hurts too much. 

Now that makes 100% sense to me. I've kinda been there since 2019. Just want to keep objective hope alive. But I'm a self-admitted optimist by nature. 

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2 minutes ago, Varking said:

But you can’t take away a play. If they don’t make that play then who knows what that play would have been. It could still have resulted in a TD. It could have resulted in an int, etc. 

if the question is about  WRs getting open and scheme getting them open….I can.   Because it’s not relevant to that. 

 It’s a positive of Andy Dalton.  He can find busted coverage and take advantage of that.

2 different things 

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1 minute ago, Proudiddy said:

Ok, dad.

So you openly rooting against our QB that's playing right now?  Nice.

Remember how you wrongly posted that our receivers are getting open insinuating it’s just Bryce’s fault but in reality it was just a busted play? Yeah that’s why I responded to you. Youre not smart. You just run on pure emotion. I want us to win because I’m a fan and I also don’t want the bears to get a top 5 pick in our conference.

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1 minute ago, heel31ok said:

IDK if you were on the reich wagon before but its funny to watch how quickly fans turn on coaches and players.

The ones that were all for pushing Reich down our throats are stunningly silent lately, I kept notes ❤️

I said at the time of hire that if we hired Reich we would be looking for a new coach in a few seasons and Reich has been even worse than I thought

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