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If You Could Choose Two Players for Our Two First Round Picks, Who Would They Be and Why???

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21 hours ago, strato said:


 I also see the off schedule escape the pocket and launch it downfield approach. With Russell Wilson-esque arcs on them and again, the need for strong hands and forearms.

It is very hard for me to keep those images out of the mix, so I yield to them.


The problem with that from last year was instead of launching it to fairly open guys scrambling, he would escape the pocket and timidly throw the ball out of bounds

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17 hours ago, ECHornet said:

Xavier’s x 2

Worthy & Leggette in whatever order 

We’d have our X and our Theilen replacement. If they show out to be studs as rookies, ship off DJ & AT at the trade deadline for picks or secondary help. 

Both of these guys scare me---loved them at first, then I probably overthunk it.

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3 hours ago, MHS831 said:

Both of these guys scare me---loved them at first, then I probably overthunk it.

I don’t think we can come out of this draft without one legit WR, at minimum. I’d rather take two swings at it with athletic freaks who had strong years. 

Both of them can take a short completion and make something more of it. Both of them can win downfield so hopefully DBs aren’t sitting on everything short. 

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Center: JPJ, Zach Martin, Graham Barton (he likely won't be there at 33)

WR: Ladd, AD Mitchell, Leggette (late second in trade back scenario)

TE: brock bowers (again very unlikely he falls to 33 but if he did you absolutely take him no brainer)

Tackle: Mims (unlikely to be at 33), Jordan Morgan, Patrick Paul, Kinsley Sumatia

DE: Latu (unlikely to be at 33), Kneeland, Darius Robinson 

CB: Cooper DeJean

DT: Johnny Newton

Overall I'm very hopeful we can trade down at either 33 or 39. The only guys I'd personally rush to the podium at 33 are: Bowers, DeJean, JPJ, AD Mitchell, or Graham Barton. I'd be very happy with Ladd as well. 

Leggette is the hardest prospect for me to figure out. I wouldn't take him at 33 and my preference would be to take him in a trade down scenario but I've read some people hearing that he may go in the first round. I almost hope someone else takes him in the first just so we aren't left with the dilemma of taking him or not

Guys I am not personally high on as I think they all have too high of bust potential: Chop Robinson, Troy Franklin, Keon Coleman, Xavier Worthy, Kamari Lassiter, Jatavion Sanders (this is my biggest please do not draft)


My favorite player in this class is Rome

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On 4/11/2024 at 9:26 AM, Navy_football said:

Speed kills. Not just straight line speed. Quickness and acceleration. I'd take Ladd and Keon. And then the best Center remaining with 65. 

I'm ready for my Carolina Panthers to fully embrace becoming an offensive-minded football team. Let's lose every game 40 to 45 this season. Then we can cover the defensive holes next offseason. I'm tired of not being able to score double digits. Losing 9 to 3. It's friggin 2024, and that shiite is embarrassing!!! 

We’re not putting up 40 with Bryce. I’m sorry 

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On 4/11/2024 at 9:04 AM, top dawg said:

I would like Kool-Aid McInstry, as he would shore up the side opposite of Horn. I would also like Xavier Legette, as I think he's better able to be an outside X receiver with WR1 upside, and is more physical, than anyone expected to be in our pick range.

Wait… there’s actually a guy named Kool-Aid?

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    • The hit piece was just a few months ago and a lot of points were valid lol.
    • No, sounds like he lost a lot of credibility writing a hit piece on Sean Mcdermott a couple years ago in this similar vein. Gotta try to get those subscribers up on his fuging substack lol. Also say your name when bashing someone publicly instead of hiding behind anonymity 
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