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Well, Jameis has good taste in women....

Jeremy Igo

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    • Would it have to be either/or? If Pitts and either Sewell or Slater were there at #8, everybody here is voicing opinions as to why one is better than the other. Why not have our cake, and then go ahead and eat it, too. Take Pitts at #8, then trade our 2nd round pick, plus our #1 in 2022, to Denver, and get the OT we need with their #9.  (If you experts in swap values think that's not enough, add to it until it is.) Balls to the wall, boys.  If you all think Sewell/Slater are #1 picks this year (and they are), then they're equally worth next year's #1.
    • Well, that was kind of dumb since the scenarios are completely different. You don't need a mediocre vet to mentor another vet. Likely means probably, odds on or possibly. Since you didn't link the article, likely because it makes no sense after the Darnold threa, I have to make an assumption which is very plausible since there was a ton of discussion about us drafting a QB at 8 or trading up until SF made their trade. Time to read. I said worst case was that we would only save $8M by releasing him. $18M new cap hit minus $10M guaranteed that we'd have to pay on release equals $8M. Again, worst case is we only save $8M by releasing him and having to pay the guarantee. Way more than a zero chance of the last scenario. If we can trade Teddy, that scenario happens, period, simple as that. Amazing that you think there is no chance that Teddy gets release or traded after we made a trade for Darnold and committed to paying him in 2022.
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