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I called it a bit after the draft... but this dude right hurrrr is going to do good things for the Panthers for years to come... He reminds me of Kuechly, but on the other side of the ball.

And thanks for the title... I will now forever hear "SAY YOUR PRAYERS, LITTLE ONE, DON'T FORGET MY SON, TO INCLUDE EVERYOOOONNNEEEUUHHH" every time Sandland is mentioned from now on...


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yep, and as Rivera said in a video a few days before the draft, "it's going to be hard [for newcomers] to make this team. we're not drafting guys to cut them, we're drafting them to help us win." so it's prudent to consider how a guy like Sandland will fit the team. he seems headed straight for the Brockel/Swole role as 4-team ST guy + goal-line packages. at least to start. then, maybe he'll usurp Dickson or replace him.

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6 minutes ago, Wundrbread33 said:

I'm excited about him. A young promising player to groom under Olsen is just what we need.

Also...that Eubank QB looks like he is Cam sized. Looks interesting.

Yes, I too am really glad we drafted a TE to groom under Olsen.  Key in our offense.

Eubank too intrigues me.  If he shows promise, I could possibly see us keeping him as a developmental QB on the PS.  But heck, even our PS spots are going to be at a premium.  We have more talent than spots available.

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He's the draft pick that I'm most excited about. Butler is money in the bank, he never should have been available at 30. The beauty of triple dipping at CB is that certainly 1 of them will work out opposite Bene (even if Sanchez is more of a nickle role, Boykin can slide outside). That leaves Beau! I was big on drafting a TE, first Henry, then Vannett. To get one with so much up side with next to the last pick could be the ultimate steal!

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I believe in our system he'd be more of an F-back, but that's splitting hairs. Dickson and Swole were kinda thrust into the blocking role as a last resort when Brockel was injured. I see either Sandland or McGee taking the third receiving TE role, with Bonnet and Rockhead pushing Simonson for the blocking TE/FB position.

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