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Do you want the Panthers to win any more games?


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It's weird. When I'm not watching the game I'm in full tank mode. 

When I am watching the Game, I root for us to win. 

However in 2010 I was actively rooting for us to fail so we could lock in the #1 pick and we got Cam out of it soooooo...

Yeah. I'm fine if we lose out. I'll probably be happier if we do than if we win a meaningless game at the end of the season and miss out on a potential franchise QB. 

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1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

Ask me before the game is played and the answer is yes, I always want us to win.

Ask me after we've lost and the answer is I'm not exactly all that broken up about it.

This exactly.  Normally I would be fuming over the Vikings disaster (full disclosure- I am team Rhule/Brady/Snow), but the clock & game management at the end of that game is among the worst in franchise history.

But I wasn't fuming simply b/c this isn't a normal year, and in the long-term the team is almost assuredly better off losing close games while the young guys develop.

This year does feel different than the last 2, b/c it does feel like this is the building of something and not trying to recapture 2015 which is what 2018-2019 felt like.

My expectations for next year are to win the division- or at the very least make the playoffs.

Rhule is not going to be fired anytime over the next 2-3 years IMO unless the team falls apart and quits on him given his contract, but elite coaches in the NFL don't go multiple seasons without competing.  

The division is going to be much more wide open next year than it has been since 2014, and this team will not be at the massive disadvantage we were this year.

If Rhule wants to be seen as a top coach in the NFL, we need to win the division next year.  2015 will have been six years removed from next season.  

And 6 years since we've won the NFC South!!

It's time in 2021.  I don't know that we will have a Super Bowl caliber team (although there are multiple examples of teams going from the bottom to the top in 2 seasons or less) but if we aren't in the playoff hunt all year (short of an insane amount of injuries), then we seriously may have to recalibrate what Rhule will be able to accomplish here.

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9 minutes ago, CBDellinger said:

Never tank, always win.  Losing is contagious and it can take years to wash that stink out.  

Besides... good draft evaluation > good draft position.

this team has been in the stink for 3 years now time to find our way back to the pink 

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 I'm conflicted on the issue. Tanking sucks and is usually for loser franchises, but this is a good year to have a bad year. Great qbs in this draft. Then I come to the conclusion that any team that would sign Teddy as the starter doesn't know what the f*ck they're doing when it comes to picking a qb. Ultimately I think we're screwed either way, hope I'm wrong. 

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