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Carolina Panthers to hire Scott Fitterer as GM

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I hope Fitterer in the draft doesn't fritter our picks and signs free agents that fit on our team and our contracts are a hit or our fans will be bitterer.

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7 minutes ago, Charlotte_Sports_Hub said:

This is what really concerns me. 

According to this, the Seahawks have been 10th in drafting efficiency over the last 5 years, right next to the highly touted Saints and Ravens. So top 3rd of the NFL in drafting is still pretty good I think.



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For the people that are complaining about Seattle's drafting, he was also not the guy making the picks. 

Im sure a big part of this interview was him showing his scouting reports on other players... either way, I trust the direction of the team. Tepper has not picked wrong yet. 

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Just now, Ivan Knight-Jordan said:

Hopefully we don’t start trading away all our first round picks year in year out like Seattle has done under Carroll. 

If we start drafting like the Seahawks in the 1st round I hope we do trade them

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"Fitterer’s background has been more in college scouting. His input helps Seahawks GM John Schneider determine the team’s ratings of college draft prospects. That has helped Schneider have enough of a feel for the draft board to make several trades down, which has allowed the Seahawks to average more than 10 draft choices a year." - https://sports.mynorthwest.com/302131/clayton-10/

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Would've preferred Berry last year.

Wanted Dodds or Peters this year. 

Did not want Reese.

Elated that Hurney is gone.

Fitterer is solid.

Could've done worse....but also could've done better, IMO.

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15 minutes ago, stbugs said:

Not really excited. Super happy to have Marty officially gone with no possibility of parole but this one is underwhelming a bit.

At least without Ireland and Peters and Dodds (not sure about others), you felt like they had done some good drafting lately and not just with early 1st rounders.

Seattle’s drafts the last 5 years have been poo.

This is wrong and we have an entire thread showing that the Seahawks were the best in the last 10 years and 5 years at drafting compared to everyone else in the top 4 

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