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Could we Hire Brian Scottenheimer as our new OC now that we hired Fitterer?

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Russ had 40 passing touchdowns this year.  Schotty’s recent red zone offenses were pretty good too, which is something we were really lacking.  73% in the red zone this year (3rd in the nfl).  Wouldn’t be the worst hire.  Unfortunately, with Teddy here, his style doesn’t really work for us.  We need a different QB (Trey Lance please).  I think we do have the WR’s to make a similar scheme work here.  Brian sucked ass with the Jets but he wasn’t Seattle’s problem 

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The GM shouldn't have any input at all on who the HC wants to hire for his staff, frankly. If you can't trust the HC to pick his staff then you need to replace the HC.

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    • The winning NFL template has been out there for the last two decades. Well coached organization that doesn't dedicate too much cap to any one player, allows for a well balanced team capable of winning championships.  More often than not, has more draft picks than they were originally allotted. The Herschel Walker/Ricky Williams approach to football is a recipe for disaster.
    • Edelman had a career high receiving yards in a game with Cam as the QB. Edelman spent a decade with Tom Brady, but after only a few weeks with Cam, had a career high in receiving. Jimmy G's Super Bowl year he accounted for 28 TD - 13 giveaways .. Cam this past season accounted for 21 TD - 11 giveaways So Jimmy net 5 more TD in a Super Bowl year, than Cam did in his supposed 'awful' 2020 Yeah, Cam had to rush for TD's because NE literally had the worst collection of TE/WR's in NFL history .. Yes, the 2020 New England WR's and TE's = worst group in NFL history .. yet, Cam won more games than Matt Ryan amongst others. Cam's running ability alone is what made NE a 7 win team .. without Cam that dumpster fire team wins 2 games. Brady left because the cupboard was bare.
    • His contract isn't the reason they overdraft players and depend on him to make their poor offensive line choices look better because he's an elite QB who's mobile. This sounds jealousy that a guy can make demands where he works and make a lot of money doing what he loves, that's not his fault that's capitalism dictating he can be paid millions for his services. Yikes
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