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Fitterer defines "Franchise QB"

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21 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

That was actually the point of my screenshot, to highlight how few 4QC and GWD's. Should have taken it the way you did. 

You know what the worst part of those GWDs/4QC’s? He was teams that went 31-17 and the 7 opponents had a combined record of 36-76 (basically a combined 5-11 team) and not one had a winning record. Not one game was against a team with a better record than the team he was on and I’d bet not really great defensive teams.

He was mediocre before he got here and he didn’t do anything to dispel that. People tried to extrapolate his NO games except that outside of a home game against the worst pass D in the league in 2019, he had 5 TDs and 2 INTs in 5 games. He was pressured (NO had a solid OL) in 3 games and his totals were 598 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT combined in those 3 games. People thought he’d throw for 30 TDs, lol.

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1 hour ago, hepcat said:

What sucks for Teddy is, he really did some good things especially earlier in the season. He hadn't played a full schedule since before his injury. Part of his issues were probably conditioning, which would explain why he got worse as the season went along and why he was at his worst at the end of games.

I'm probably one of the biggest Bridgewater haters on this board. I'm on record many times saying I would have rather kept Kyle Allen for a minuscule salary over Bridgewater. But I have to say I would assume Teddy would be better next season with better endurance and conditioning.

I'm fine keeping him if they draft a rookie QB to sit for half or a whole season.

He was in fine shape, remember this?


Dude was biking for 5 hours at a time during the shut downs. His conditioning wasn’t an issue. His accuracy on key plays, his lack of arm strength and his wanting to switch to runs instead of wanting the ball were his issues.

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1 hour ago, Smithers said:

We actually save a little by cutting Teddy.  Still have a lot of dead money, but still some savings.  If we make him a June 1 cut, we’d save 8 million 

Yep, he’s not the guy I’d want showing a rookie QB how to win and if we can somehow trade him, we’d save even more ($18M in cap).

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2 hours ago, CarolinaNCSU said:

A pissed off lame duck QB may not be too thrilled about mentoring a rookie QB who's replacing him. 

DeShaun Watson is not a rookie.

DeShaun Watson does not need "mentoring."

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1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

My significant other would say Dak Prescott.

(I'm not sure I would but I can't say that out loud)

The list can definitely be a little flexible.  A few qb's get on that list for a couple of years, then fall off of it.  I would say that both Delhomme and Cam were on it for a couple of years.  

Point remains though that its going to be hard to get one. 

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5 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

Randy Fasani was a poor man's Tony Pike.

Randy Fasani is the name you say when somebody starts making too much of a player's outstanding performance in the preseason.

Edited by Mr. Scot
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