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Let's just pick the best player available when our pick comes along at #8. We're a mid-card team trying to move up a weight class and rumble with the big boys. It's not the time to get cute and all tricksy. Just to do your own scout work, really grill the players in interviews, picks smarts over marketability, toughness over charisma and do your best to weed out the busts waiting to happen.

And really, really scout hard for picks in the later rounds. Our coach isn't afraid of youth, so make the most of that.

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13 minutes ago, ECHornet said:

No Mac Jones unless we’ve traded back. 

I understand. I feel like he could be very overrated because of his supporting cast, but also could see him dominating us if a team like the Saints get him...

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1 hour ago, Frizzy350 said:

Andrew Luck was:

"a 100% guaranteed multiple SB winning HOF/maybe HOF QB. "

You completely missed my point and obviously like many in here still have the Luck didn’t want to be a Panther mentality. I was making fun of the post ignoring two of the biggest top 5 QB draft trades due to a technicality that the picks were made and the players traded after the pick. Top 5 also ignores three top young QBs in Allen, Watson and Mahomes. The two I referred to were Elway and Manning, not Luck, so I said our best bet for a QB is to get Lawrence to demand a trade after the Jags pick him because based on small sample sizes he would be guaranteed to be a multiple SB winning QB. Again 0 mention or reference to Luck.

Personally, I’d love to draft a Luck clone and give him better protection. Injuries derailed his career, kind of like Cam. Both of them were studs and given our current weapons, would have great years if healthy.

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1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

No. We made that offer trying to get Peyton.

Sorry. I'm a tad frazzled today 😆

Damn, that would have been a hell of a good trade. All our draft capital would have been before getting Smith and Gross, etc. Manning played so long that it might have worked out phenomenally regardless of how much you gave up early on. Then again, the Colts likely had a not for sale up thinking the same thing.

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7 hours ago, Zod said:

Below is a comprehensive list of QBs drafted in the top 5 that were traded up for:

Sam Darnold
Mitchell Trubisky
Carson Wentz
Jared Goff
Robert Griffin III
Mark Sanchez
Michael Vick
Ryan Leaf
Jeff George
Steve Bartkowski

Don't reach!

Josh Allen = the exception to the rule

Which also led to the Chiefs trading up for Mahomes


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7 hours ago, Cary Kollins said:

Meh, Chiefs traded way up to get their guy a couple years back and it worked out. If you think he’s your guy, do what it takes to get him.

Agreed. And it’s such a small sample size that it really doesn’t say much at all about what could happen if we do trade up to get a QB this year. If the staff and FO is completely convinced that one of these QBs is our guy and he won’t make it to 8 then by all means, trade up. But don’t trade up out of desperation just to get any QB high this year, I think that is where we could make a huge mistake... 

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IMO I would try to trade for Gardner Minshew, try to do something with Bridgewater (like trade him for picks or a player that plays a different position), keep PJ Walker as a backup, release Will Grier, and then try to draft Kellen Mond in like the 3rd round (Coach Rhule sounds to be high on him after coaching him in the senior bowl).

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21 hours ago, Tbe said:

The odds of us finding a franchise QB anytime in the next 5 years is not good.

We still have to try though.

Take your best shot but don’t trade future assets. We’ll need them to take a shot at the next QB.

This I can agree with.  Reaching for a player and giving up a tremendous amount isn't worth it.  Trading up a couple of slots is one thing, but I consider reaching as more than 10.  It gets expensive.

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