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ARTICLE: Panthers want to make a run at Deshaun Watson...clearing cap space to do so

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The Panthers have cut several players this month, creating some cap space that they’d love to spend on Deshaun Watson.

Carolina’s moves in the last week have cleared nearly $20 million in cap space, which would be enough to absorb Watson’s 2021 cap hit, and the Panthers plan to make a run at Watson if the Texans make him available in a trade, David Newton of ESPN reports. (That is an actual report, although ESPN has given it less attention than the “bold prediction” that the Panthers’ offer would be Christian McCaffrey and three first-round draft picks.)

The phrasing of the report — the Panthers will make a run at Watson if the Texans make him available — is almost identical to a previous report that the Broncos will make an offer for Watson if the Texans make him available. That suggests that multiple teams are waiting around for the Texans to say Watson is on the trading block, and then they’ll pull the trigger on a big offer when and if the Texans give them the go-ahead.

But if you want Watson and think you can make a credible offer for him, why wait? Why not call the Texans now and let them know you’re willing to part with a significant number of draft picks and/or players to get Watson? The worst the Texans can tell you is no. In a best-case scenario, it may begin the process of your team acquiring one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Watson wants to be traded, and the Texans are saying publicly that they won’t trade him. But there’s likely some trade package good enough that the Texans would make the move. Teams like the Broncos and Panthers appear ready to make those offers.



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Just now, AceBoogie said:

Didnt y’all say yesterday the Broncos were out?

Yes Verge did. I think we will be a major player in the Watson sweepstakes if he becomes available. Tepper seems set on getting who he wants in order to change our franchise around and give the fans some hope. We all know we are going nowhere with Teddy and we desperately need a franchise QB

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It's sad, really. Rehashing, rephrasing, retelling of the same stupid story over and over.

"I wuz in Food Lion yesaday, and they ain't have no eggs! Somebody telled me that Deshawn Watson don't like eggs. This proves we gonna sign him!! But I got to go to Virginia for eggs!!"

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8 minutes ago, USC/panthers_11 said:

I hope Tepper doesn't turn into another meddling owner.

Does the new GM and Rhule really want to tie up their entire future into 1 player? It doesn't seem like a risk they would want to take.

Coaches and GMs have no chance without a top QB. 

You can’t win without one and you don’t keep your job if you don’t win.

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If a meddling owner gets us a top 3 Quarterback fine with me.  Though I think its pretty clear Rhule is on the same page with the QB through just listening to him talk about Teddy during the year and offseason.

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nbc sports posted basically this exact article but there's really nothing new there, they're just adding it to their coverage.

it's also out of date since denver actually dropped.

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