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Former Panthers' OL Bruce Campbell (maybe not actually him) gets KO'd in Walmart

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Wow! Whoever that guy is, he had no form, no stance, was slow as hell, and was not a thinker (obviously) which speaks greatly to rather you win or lose. 

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this apparently isn't him, but I do love seeing huge guys take their first punch. guys that size have probably never had to fight. doesn't matter how big you are, that first time taking one to the jaw will wake you up.

This is my favorite. Two Oklahoma football players decide to talk poo in a bathroom at a bar to a smaller guy. Turns out the smaller guy did 10 years of MMA and fugs him up.

to all the young men reading this thread who ever think of starting a fight at a bar with someone; the people eager to get in fights with you are eager for a reason.

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2 hours ago, Waldo said:

Being huge is not the same as being able to fight. That was like watching a 400 lbs punching bag picking a fight.

In this case I'm not so sure he was actually "bigger" than the other guy.  He was just taller.  The other guy looks stocky as heck.  People often confuse height with size, and it makes some taller guys alot cockier than they should be in certain situations.

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