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Best Available for Day 3

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seriously though we drafted Marshall to replace Anderson in the future as well as some of the big play ability we will miss from Samuel.

we drafted Tremble to replace Armah, Manhertz and Thomas all in one.

drafting Michael Carter would replace Mike Davis and provide insurance / rest for CMC.

he's a def one of the BPA's which is what Rhule said they're going for, this is actually a legitimate need though...so yeah.

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11 minutes ago, GOAT said:

I'm going to call it now, Panthers take Michael Carter RB from UNC with their first pick in the 4th.

Carter comes in to replace Mike Davis and give the local UNC fans a guy to get excited about.

I do believe that RB is a strong possibility, a lot of these drafts are also depth and growth at the same time. Ex. Marshall jr with Moore and Anderson on last contract, Tremble to replace Ian Thomas, etc. If not Carter, maybe Chubbard? 


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I wouldn’t mind taking another WR with our next pick, but one who plays in the slot.  Someone like Amonra St. Brown or Marquez Stevenson.  

But whatever happens, based on the draft so far and how well it’s going imo, I trust the staff to make the perfect decision. 

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8 minutes ago, Jay Roosevelt said:

Jabril Cox in the 4th would be a steal. We badly need a linebacker with his coverage ability.

There are two potentially good LB's that are very different in terms of Skills; J. Cox and C. McGrone. Cox is a little small but great in coverage, Cox is more of a downhill. blitzing type of backer.

I wonder if they decide to go LB, which one they (Snow, Rhule, Fit) see as a better fit.?

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Not even being a homer, but Dazz Newsome and Michael Carter would both for well for us.  

A flier on James Hudson wouldn't be an awful pick.

Wiggins is a guy I've liked throughout the pre-draft process.

I'm really surprised that Dylan Moses is still available. That's a pick that could make a lot of sense for us.

I'm less surprised Jabril Cox is still available. I've thought him overrated throughout the pre-draft process and I think he'll be a coverage liability in the NFL. 

Deommodore Lenoir and Keith Taylor are two to watch at CB. We've been connected to both through the pre-draft process.

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3 minutes ago, cookinbrak said:

Take Cox and let Chinn play safety/rover.

This makes sense to me, but also bolstering the O-line seems to still be something that should be done. A free Safety soon that can give us some reps would be nice too.

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4 minutes ago, CaliPanthers said:

Shaun Wade CB from Ohio st was a 1st or 2nd round prospect if he came out last year. He had a bad year of tape this year but it was a weird year. Can he play FS? 

Decent idea

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