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How Christiansen compares to other tackles in arm length.

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1 hour ago, Eclipse said:

If he don't already, Brady should model his game after Joe Thomas.

Joe was able to succeed in the league with below average arm length.

joe had 33+.

brady is pushing the boundaries of tackle limits lol

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It's a real potential liability. Just look at what Burns does to guys who can't get their hands on him fast enough. The question is whether elite athleticism/movement skills for his position and good technique can make up for it. He was a consensus All-American, so we know it was good enough in college. I've got hopes for him in the pros. And if he absolutely has to kick inside, I think he'll be great there.

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If the Defender can get his hands on you before you can get your hands on him....that’s tough to overcome regularly no matter how good your feet are. If he stays at LT I’d be surprised.

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I see a lot of weird conclusions in here. The fact that Tackles with longer arms don’t always succeed means absolutely nothing. The fact that Joe Thomas had below average 33in arms doesn’t mean a lot. Unfortunately, Christiansen has more than just slightly below average arms, he is in the bottom of the bottom. That does not bode well. I obviously hope he succeeds, but I don’t have high hopes at LT. Guard may be better for him.

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1 hour ago, xPariahx said:

After watching Brady, I don't think he's very physical and lacks foot speed and mobility. Hopefully they can do a good job coaching him up.

Christensen might not look like an elite athlete, but he absolutely is. He measured in at 6-5 and 302 pounds at BYU's Pro Day and managed to run a 4.89 40-yard dash, put up 30 reps on the bench, set an all-time broad jump record for an offensive lineman at 10-5, show off a 34-inch vertical, run the shuttle in 4.46 and the three-cone in 7.33. Let's put those numbers into perspective, shall we?

Christensen's 4.89 40-yard dash would have been best of offensive tackles in the 2019 NFL Combine. And second best in the 2018 NFL Combine. And second best in the 2017 NFL Combine. One of the fastest offensive tackles in the last several years and he's 'not an elite athlete?'

Christensen's 34-inch vertical jump would have been best of offensive tackles in the 2019 NFL Combine. It was tied for the top mark in the 2018 NFL Combine. It was the best (by three full inches) in the 2017 NFL Combine. Seems like athleticism, doesn't it?

Christensen's 4.49 in the shuttle would have been second best in the 2019 NFL Combine, tied for second best in 2018's NFL Combine, and best in 2017. If he's not among 'the best athletes' then I don't know who is.

Christensen's 30 bench reps was second in the 2019 NFL Combine, best in 2018, and best in 2017.

Should we do the three-cone? We kind of have to at this point, don't we?

His three-cone number was best in 2019, second best in 2018, and second best in 2017.

For not being 'an elite athlete' he sure is putting up elite athletic numbers. Christensen tested among the best athletes in the last four years to play the offensive tackle position, and yet, people are still peddling the 'unathletic' narrative. Yikes.

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