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Good bye BOA stadium field

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6 hours ago, SizzleBuzz said:

I too prefer natural grass but the technology in turf has come a long long way.

The Texas Rangers put Shaw Sports Turf in their new stadium about a year ago, interesting video on the technology here:


Good stuff, as my old man would say- "Evil old white people and evil oil"

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6 hours ago, NanuqoftheNorth said:

Anybody know the number to grounds keeping? 

I'm looking for a good deal on a used weed whacker.

One time for training camp, I drove down and went straight to the field, around 6-7 pm. I didnt get anyone rolling up to me but one of the grounds crew. 15 minutes of talking and he says, "Well Bas you need to leave now I got to cut the grass" This was after a long golf cart ride too, the grass look perfect and like it was just cut. I thanked him and had the long walk back to car, sure enough he was cutting the grass with one of the weirdest lawn cutters Ive seen. Years later seen the same ones at pinehurst golf courses.

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Well I've seen two or three article links posted, but this one actually says grass ( in great condition) actually grips more (footwear pending also sometimes I think) during "peak torque" making it more likely to cause injury verses 3rd generation artificial turf.   https://www.americansocceranalysis.com/home/2019/1/7/turf-and-injuries-the-data-hurts

Not saying this is all correct, but this guy appears to have done his homework, or at least has looked up everyone else's studies and crossed them?

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2 hours ago, Catsfan69 said:

That should never be a consideration for an NFL team. 

We are going to have our own dome in a few years. This stadium is being built to house a soccer team and multiple other events. Its not just a "Football" stadium anymore.

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11 hours ago, Riverboat Ron said:

Why not play in dirt and mud?

I think Cleveland used to spray the dirt green for much of the season.  You'd see players picking themselves up with grass stains that were too big to be from grass.  I'm not sure what they used to "paint" the field, hopefully not a solvent-based product but it was Cleveland!

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