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Catching fades with Robby Anderson

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Robby sounds grounded.   I hope Aquib saved his money, because if he needs to make money hosting shows, he might as well just set up a go fund me.  Robby is a character, but he's real and honest and I like him.  

and Robby likes Rhule..."he saved my life."



also, those guys and I have different definitions of gas.

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6 hours ago, TheCasillas said:

Did you guys see this? (Mods delete if duplicate)


doesn’t sound like someone leaving us anytime soon. This is 3 days old, so it’s fresh. 

I don't think we need to worry about him leaving unless he doesn't show up for mandatory stuff. OTA's are voluntary.

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    • He has a livelier arm, he has a worse body though. He's going to be broken taking those hits in the NFL week in, week out. 
    • You didn't see more arm talent? Better movement ability in the pocket? Darnold has a good arm, don't get me wrong and he can run a little bit. But Wilson has that short area shiftiness and that flick of the wrist send it 30 yards on a rope ability that is very rare, even among elite NFL QB talent.
    • Name them besides the Giants one I already mentioned. Because I seriously can’t remember. The only thing I remember is gano consistently choking on PAT’s and other scenarios where we would’ve won or tied. 2018 was bad. Missed those kicks against Detroit then missed the 52 yarder against Seattle. And 2019 he was out the entire season. Missed a kick in the biggest game of his life in the super bowl and missed the 1st 2016 game against the Broncos that drastically changed our season imo. If I’m wrong I’m wrong but I seriously cannot remember clutch kicks besides the giants and vaguely remember 2 others. I get that kickers are usually judged by their recent kicks so I could have some bias.  “All said and done, prior to an injury that ended his season early in week 13, Gano attempted only 16 field goals in total, missing two of them, giving him an 88% average on a fairly small sample size. That puts him squarely in the middle of the pack league-wide amongst kickers with at least 10 attempts. However, his 91% extra point percentage is bottom five in the entire league.”  
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