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Meanwhile in other camps...

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We're scheduled to practice against the Colts, but it might be without Carson Wentz (not good news for Indy) 




Mixed news out of our week one matchup's camp... 


Angling for a trade, now injured... 

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9 minutes ago, TheCasillas said:

I hope Trevor Lawrence continues to think he has 7 seconds in the pocket. He is in for a rude awakening

Right? He retreats from the monoliths from 2001: a Space Odyssey, spends 5 seconds thinking about "Industry Baby," and then inexplicably rolls out of the pocket unpressured before making his throw.

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1 hour ago, ForJimmy said:

ESPN is going to explode if Lawrence does throw a TD to The Golden Calf of Bristol…

After the underhand dealings of ESPN regarding the Big 12 got out last night, they can go eat poo as an organisation. 

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19 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:


Quote from Fangio today (not in that article but seen elsewhere) “Checkdowns are good, but you need more than checkdowns.”


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    • Yeah, to me, it obviously wasn't too serious.  I'm glad that's confirmed.  All in all though, I'm far more concerned with the defense.  But at the end of the day it's a team, and we're about to see if this defense is a team beyond just the individual efforts.
    • Oklahoma does not belong in the top 10, barley squeaked out wins against Tulane, Nebraska, and West Virginia. And yeah, this QB class is not it. 
    • When evaluating Brady, you have to disassociate him from all the undeserved hype and praise. He's been anointed a genius offensive playcaller and basically been presumed to get a headcoaching job right after the Panthers hired him. In reality he is insanely green and it shows. But he does have a smart mind and has tremendous opportunity for growth, demonstrating that already with improved playcalling in the redzone against Houston. Right now I assess him somewhere around league average with the likelihood of transcending to the top 5-10 with more experience. I just suspect someone will hand him a headcoaching job before he can get there. I wouldn't be too upset if that happens cause at least short-term we shouldn't miss too much of a beat. But it is a bit disappointing we won't get the chance to see him unlock his full potential because the league is so obsessed with young offensive playcallers and will undoubtedly give him a head coaching job before he's ready for one.
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