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Did Tepper ixnay #keeppounding chant?


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9 minutes ago, saX man said:

Fans need to keep the chant up regardless.  I thought is was a cool tradition with the drum and all; brought a uniqueness and culture to the team.




True, in theory.

In practice the NFL home gameday experience for stadium fans and the interaction with TV production is tightly micro-managed.  Those chants may or may not start on their own but without the timing and assistance of the stadium crew it will be increasingly difficult.


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8 minutes ago, Jon Snow said:

How can he take it away when it's the fans that chant it.  Do they hand you a card when you enter the stadium that says you will be kicked out if you chant "Keep Pounding"?Do you have to have a digital screen tell you when to cheer? 

What Reno said.

Its about coordination. Just go into any stadium and just start saying something and see who else just randomly starts saying the same thing you say...

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5 minutes ago, Scott12345 said:

Do you people really need to be told when to cheer something?

and now you’re blaming the owner because you don’t know how to cheer?


And now "you people" have no reading comprehension?  And you are blaming a message board because you don't know how to read or think?  sheez

Lots of tweets on this, more coming in.

Increasingly I think Tepper kaboshed (or ok'd the kabosh) of the pre-game #keeppounding to make time for his new mixed reality toy.  The same stadium gameday management that screwed up all the other documented issues (lines, beer, intro's, etc.) mistakenly took the chant out of the whole gameday planning in it's entirety.  This is giving Tepper some credit but I could see it going down that way.  Will know Sunday.


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