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Official Saints at Panthers Predictions thread!


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  • Week 2 NFL game picks

    Published: Sep 16, 2021 at 12:21 PM
    Gregg Rosenthal

    Around The NFL Editor

    New Orleans Saints
    ML: -180 · 1-0
  • carolina Panthers
  • ML: +155 · 1-0
  • WHERE: Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte, N.C.)
  • WHEN: 1 p.m. ET | FOX
  • SPREAD: Saints -3 | O/U: 44.5


No team had a better Week 1 performance or a worse postgame injury report than the Saints. No. 1 cornerback Marshon Lattimore, potent pass rusher Marcus Davenport and starting center Erik McCoy are expected to be out this week and possibly beyond. Those injuries, a COVID-19 outbreak among assistant coaches and a swarming young Panthers defense are the latest obstacles for an organization that has been on the road for three weeks. This game features the league's best two running backs and two quarterbacks I'm fascinated to see moving forward. Both defenses figure to generate pressure, but ultimately, I have more trust in the ability of Jameis Winston and the Saints' offensive line to handle it.

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Panthers 31. Saints 30

Why not 

Payton is 10 times the NFL Coach Rhule is but players play.    Rhule needs to not get in there way 

The WRs and TEs have to show out this week…no drops, no miscommunications…I say that as they need to score not in the Redzone.  This OL is not going to bowl anyone over from 10 yards in.

Still, it’s a home game, it’s early and it’s Jameis, not Brees. 

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History has shown we need a great Panthers team to beat the Saints and we don't have that right now. Offense continues to frustrate in the red zone and I expect being dinked and dunked to death to negate our rush, plus gratuitous holding that isn't called. Our own turnovers will negate theirs and they'll score on them as well  I don't expect a victory this year but will be a litmus test in 2022 on whether we're going in the right direction.

Saints 34

Panthers 20

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5 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

This feels like a  "come back to earth" game for us.

Hope I'm wrong, but that's my gut.

We beat the Jets by 5. We aren't exactly flying high, Scot. 

Saints - 31 
Panthers - 23 

We will struggle to keep up with the Saints and we'll miss another XP. I hope I'm wrong. 

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Glad this game is at the vault.

This is very painful, but true- for the last three years Iants have had the panthers number. This is the long list of top fives they hold- HC, RB, WR(missing this game), OL, DE, Punter and overall D is right around that mark as well(check the ranks). Their LB davis is one of the most underrated players in the league. Pair of great safetys. At every position group except TE/kicker they have a top five group or player. Facts are for the last two years Drew Brees has been the weak point(once his HGH wore off), they rode the D....

Panthers got a punchers chance.

This game could come down to the fans, they could win this game for the panthers.

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We are gonna have to take away Kamara and make Jameis beat us. Put pressure on him like we did with Wilson and force him into mental mistakes. I know the Saints O-line is much better than that of the Jets but I truly think this group is primed for great things this year. Snow has to make sure they don't just dink and dunk all over us, and force them to beat us deep, which favors us because our DBs definitely have an advantage on their pass catchers, (at least without Thomas) which is something we haven't been able to brag about in a while.

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The saints will eventually implode under the weight of that salary cap... but it hasn't happened yet. We still have to wait at least another year before the firesale begins thanks to them lucking out and getting value at the QB position.

Honestly I think the saints would kick our ass by 10+ points, but they have some key injuries and they have to be tired from 3 weeks on the road. For these reasons I give us a decent chance.

Saints 30

Panthers 28

We can win if we can stop Kamara and get some pressure on Winston to generate some turnovers, but we have to take advantage of them and score. FGs and punting on the 33 won't beat the saints. 

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9 hours ago, Jonah Hill said:

I'd argue the Saints are better than last year with Famous Jameis beating Aaron Rodgers where the Panties beat who? The Jets...lol... Saints are Super Bowl bound where Carolina probably lands a top 3 pick and just remember you guys gave up your 2nd and 4th for Sam "the loser" Darnold. Games not even close. 


Saints - 45

Panties - 6


"Duh Duh...Saints are Superbowl Bound...duh duh...derp derp...not even close...derp derp...me so smart...herp derpity derp"

Edited by glenwo2
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Not sure why everyone is feeling that Sam throws a pick in this game, especially with the Saints Top Corner being out.   (or is he?  Nah.  AsylumWeirdo thinks he'll be back so chances are that he'll be out. 😈)

I think the more likely scenario is Sam getting Sacked again thanks to the O-line.  

I do believe he will be better when he is in the redzone this time around, though again that's just me being hopeful so we'll see.


I think the "D" will give Lameis all he can handle but like others said, they need to slow down Kamara somehow to MAKE Jameis throw the ball.  


Hard to predict this one but considering that it's at home, I'm leaning toward Carolina pulling off a relatively close victory.

Something like a 38-27 sort of deal

I think Lameis gets picked off at least once which leads to TD-Scoring Drive by Sam. 


Hoping my scenario plays out.

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