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Time to trade for a LT


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As far as we can see, we may have stolen a Franchise QB from the NYJ... He is on his last two years of a rookie contract, why not go all-in and give some legit capital for a REAL LT?

I believed before the season our defense was Super Bowl contender caliber, our WRs and RB are clearly legit... The biggest ? was Darnold and O-line... Barring a complete collapse, Darnold's passed so far.

I don't care if we go 17-0, we saw in SB 50 what happens when you $ick around with $hitty LTs, if at the deadline Darnold looks solid, trade the damn 1st next year and the year after that and get us a LEGIT LT.

If Darnold is truly a franchise QB, those are valued at 2-3 1sts anyway, why would you not trade 2 picks (Where history shows 1 in every 2 or 3 is a bust anyway) and fix the only real damn problem with this team? Every year we had Cam, someone was trading capital for pro bowl LTs at the deadline while we sucked on our thumb and I'm sick of it... Quit worrying about Rookies and fix glaring problem we've had since Gross retired. 

Maybe it's just me, I would rather trade our next 2 1sts and a 2nd and know LT is fixed then worry about drafting a damn rookie. 

Don't let this line fool you, CMC is masking it's deficiencies at the moment, we need to fix this or Darnold will go back to his NYJ days... Time to quit waiting for rookies to save the day and have some damn balls. 

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What team is going to trade their LT? The only option I could see would be Laramy Tunsil... but I cant imagine landing him for affordable capital and that would impact our salary cap plans for the players we need to extend.

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1 minute ago, TheCasillas said:

What team is going to trade their LT?

Things change when a darling is 2-6 at the trade deadline and has cap hell coming from big contracts.

Every player has a price, offer 2 1sts and a 2nd and a bad team with a legit LT might listen.

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Just now, MHS831 said:

If only I had thought of this.

Cam Erving did a good job today. 

He did his job the majority of the time.  That's about all you can expect. 

They all need to be much better in the run game however.  If CMC didn't have the ability to make something out of nothing the score could have been much closer. 

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4 minutes ago, Pejorative Miscreant said:

Just go to the left tackle store. 

Sure, Kansas City and Houston went in 2019 and 2021 successfully and got LTs who both made the Pro Bowl in 2019 and 2020.

You say that as if no LT who has talent ever gets traded in the NFL lol. This logic is why Cam got murdered for 8 years here. 

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