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Whatcha cooking tomorrow?


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12 minutes ago, DC Amp said:

I will be making my world famous chicken & dumplings, I have to be careful announcing that, the last time I was overwhelmed with hungry Panther fans beating down my door! 😋

Honest answer, canned biscuits or homemade dumplings?  Be honest....

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1 hour ago, 45catfan said:

If it's spicy chili, it'd definitely be a fiery poo.

It's decently spicy, but not quite as hot as I was planning. Threw a few serranos in there and what I thought was a lot of cayenne but I've been drinking all day so maybe I didnt.

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14 hours ago, TheBigKat said:

Got myself a griddle, went to the local butcher and we’re making cheesesteaks. Not easy finding crusty bread!!! Debating provolone vs cheesewiz 


Getting the kids and their friends tomorrow pies from https://www.buttermilkskypie.com/locations/huntersville/

IF you’re in the Charlotte area and don’t have a grandma to make you pie, then they’re the best option

Provolone f cheese wiz

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    • Basically dont draft a one dimensional player top top and a meh athlete. Fat run stoppers can be had rounds 2-5. Phil has look decent for example. Roy has his moments as well... But Brown... this I run a 5.2 whatever he did and I'm mostly a run stuffer but not really...is looking as busty as  42 year old mom on the rebound. Very dissapointed.
    • This coaching staff is too terrible for literally any QB/player to overcome. I've never seen anything like this in the history of the Panthers, even in our 2-14 season with a lame duck Fox. That team was bad because of Pickles. Insert Matt Moore or who ever at the time and that same team would have gone 6-10 or Panthers classic 7-9. People are mad because the talent on this team is good enough to make the playoffs. When you look at the roster it isn't crazy to expect playoffs even with a second year coaching staff. The talent on this team sometimes overcomes the lack of coaching and wins games. It was like Rivera's tenure. The team constantly won in spite of the coaching and when they needed the coaches to do their jobs ("cough cough" Super Bowl "cough cough') They failed the players every time.  4 QB's now and the same terrible results. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize what the problem is. Same thing goes for the defense. As soon as a team counters what our defense is throwing at them and they need the coaches to counter, they get nothing. Literally, our coaches do nothing, week after fuging week. I'd be more than happy to have Cam and Sam back next season to compete for the starting job as long as we have a coaching staff in place with legitimate NFL experience. 
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