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Official Eagles at Panthers GameDay Thread


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1 minute ago, Fright said:

I know this won’t be a popular opinion, but trade CMC while he has value. He’s going to be a 6-8 full games a season back. He won’t be able to do much behind this line anyway.

I hate to say I agree with you , but he is being wasted here, he is the only elite player on our team, this team isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and him trying to carry out sorry behinds on his back is wearing him down 

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1 minute ago, Panther'sBigD said:

We’re 1.3 years into a 5 year rebuild. We’re not going to fix the o like this year and we don’t have the depth to stay competitive with the number of injuries we’ve sustained. 

I hope all of you sad, angry losers take this opportunity to jump off the bandwagon and go pull for the Bucs or something. Lmao, dorks. 

There was a bandwagon to begin with? What are you talking about?

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11 minutes ago, blueandblackattack said:

He never throws to the underneath!!! Its 1st and 20, we have time, stop throwing into triple coverage Darnold!! 

3rd time today hes done that… 🤬🤬😡🤬😡

That's what the people wanted, they didn't like check down Teddy, they wanted a QB to force it into triple coverage. You know play some exciting ball, well I hope they got their excitement for the day. 

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5 minutes ago, USDepartmentOfSavagery said:

They are competent but their not elite. They have been exposed the last 2 weeks and especially in this second half.

Again, what do you expect when they are on the field so often thanks to the shitty offense. If the offense makes something out of any of those turnovers or at least has an extended drive to give the D a breather things would be different. Instead they poo the bed forcing the D to come back out again. Sooner or later regardless of how bad the other offense is playing something is going to hapen.

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