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Mac jones

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Just now, Varking said:

Yeah he’s been just below league average to me. Not great. The rookies aren’t great or good. 

For sure it's a tough ask for that and we see it league wide atm from the rookies. I always thought the talk around Jones was pretty stupid though saying he couldn't' play and it was all the Bama players otherwise.

He can clearly play you just see all this weird poo these days with people on these extremist takes. There's a way to bring up Jones in relation to the Panthers on if we should have picked him and this OP clearly isn't it.

There's no place behind this OL for any of these rookies and if we had picked one they would just have had to sit.

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1 hour ago, Mage said:

Mac Jones is playing about how I would expect Mac Jones to play.

He was never nearly as bad as some people on this forum made him out to be.  It took me awhile into the draft process to warm up to him, but the more you watched of him, the more you were impressed by his football IQ and accuracy.

However, the concerns with Mac Jones weren't his floor.  The concerns are his ceiling.  And I still wonder just how good he can be.  Still a lot more to be proven on his end.

He's a non-mobile Alex Smith at best. Which is not what a team should be striving to get when they draft a QB in the first round.

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mac has played better than i thought he could. i was not a fan. he did land at one of the best teams form QBs to land, hoyer and his agent have a great story on this. where you land makes a huge deal for QBs... landing with andy reid is another great spot. I also thought Cam would be starting, so Im 0 for 2 here...

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22 hours ago, MHS831 said:

The ole---"I say many things and when I appear to be right, I can't handle it."  Nobody endorsed Jones on here more than I did--and I have not made any similar comments.  Reason?  I know it is all a guess and subject to change and interpretation. 

Plus it is too early to tell on anyone new to a team. Lets see what happens this season and evaluate at the end. Things could get better or worse

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22 minutes ago, panthers55 said:

Non mobile QBs in New England have a pretty good track record.

The ability to get the ball out fast and accurately is more important than being mobile.  Of course,  mobile qb's are easier to find than fast and accurate.  

And I am talking about Brady, not Jones of course.  

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    • I think 2001 had something like 5 blowouts with two coming the last two weeks of the season. The team was young and needed a new coach to come in and spark something for them but were still competitive in damn near every loss.  So far this year we've already been blown out 4 times, we still have to play the buccs twice and the bills once, and our team seems to be getting worse as the season goes on. This time last year we were at least competitive.  06-12 are a blur for me, I was in college and drank a lot, but I do remember 2007 where Tommy Jone took out our boy and then the shitshow that was the 2009 season where Jake's career finally died, leading to 2010 where we were actively rooting for the team to fail so we could draft Andrew Luck #1 overall, which turned into Cam when Luck stayed in school. This season has the feel of 09 with less hope. At least we had the legend of Matt Moore to keep us interested going into the next year, anticipating that maybe we found ourselves the next Tony Romo. This year we have nothing.
    • Unless it’s a QB - I’m almost starting to believe there’s no reason to extend guys with big contracts - they either get hurt or their level of play slips because they got the bag and they’re set. No reason to go max effort any more.    Sign a bunch of red chip players and have a deep roster instead of prioritizing a couple expensive blue chip guys. 
    • I’m not really sure how Chase Blackburn or Pat Meyer still have jobs.  Special Teams is horrible this season. Two blocked punts that have directly lead to losses. Were there any more?  Offensive line performing at an all time worst level. 
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