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I get why some didn't want Watson, but it's not a happy time.

top dawg

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Lol. No elite talent wants to come play for Rhule/Brady and behind this oline. Not even one who allegedly sexually assaulted over 20 women.

I don't blame him one bit. (For not wanting to come here) 

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i don’t understand why this FO and staff just thought they could hand pick pick their qb


this team averages 6 wins a season since 2017…take out 2017 and it’s like barely 5 lol

any worthwhile qb FA is going to have a choice  and they’re not going to choose this fuging Browns 2.0 skid mark…

yea, surprise Tep, free will is a thing, should’ve drafted mac jones and picked up and extra second rounder at that

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There's apparently some conflict among sources as to if Watson rejected the Panthers, or if the Panthers didn't want to match the Dolphins offer.  Not saying anyone in particular is right or wrong, but I suspect we'll be back in the mix in the offseason if he isn't traded before the deadline.

I'm not happy in any way. I was very concerned with acquiring Watson because of the accusations against him, but I also don't want to keep watching the garbage heap that is this offense anymore.

This season feels completely lost 7 weeks in.  The entire offense looks like they've quit. Darnold can't play, Brady can't call plays, the OL sucks, we have more drops than any other team in the league...

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6 minutes ago, top dawg said:

First off, Deshaun Watson apparently rejected the Panthers. Let that sink in! I guess we weren't offering enough free special massages (and, yeah, that remark is the result of some saltiness)! Anyway, there will be no strike three--Matt Stafford, Watson--because the only way Aaron Rodgers is coming to Charlotte is to whip our asses with whatever big market team he's playing for. The same can be said for Russell Wilson. So basically we're fuged unless we get lucky.

We're in QB hell--not purgatory, but H-E-L-L! Our crusade for a franchise QB has landed us on a fuging raft without a sail. We are at the mercy of whatever winds blow our way. Who knows where the fug we'll end up? There is no answer on the roster! Darnold isn't it. PJ Walker? He could throw a ball from the middle of the ocean and somehow still miss the ocean. 

I get why some of you are happy, but this isn't a happy time. Not saying that there isn't a college prospect that won't turn out to be a legitimate franchise QB--because all of them have flaws and are looking shaky--but after seeing us push some chips in on the likes of Teddy Bridgewater and especially Sam Darnold, do you really have any faith that Matt Rhule and company will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff? I mean, I get taking a chance and outwardly being optimistic, but giving not one but two suspect QBs more than a year's worth of a contract and throwing good money at what has a high risk of being bad is an equation for failure. And, like I alluded to, there might not even be a legit franchise QB in the 2022 draft. But, like I also alluded to, maybe we can get lucky. Maybe we can have some dumb luck instead of just dumb decisions for once pertaining to our signal caller. 

As it stands now, we may have to continue this cycle and hope. Hell, I'd rather watch Cam, Minshew, Garropolo, or whatever retread with a pulse--err, upside, than watch what we have now. fug! Who am I kidding? I'm going to watch it. I am. But my expectations will be that of a Jets fan. 

Maybe, just maybe we can get lucky. And maybe, just maybe, Rhule and Fitterer will be able to build a team that will attract a decent starter by 2025 (if they last that long). 

I'm not gonna lie. This is the lowest I've felt as a Panthers fan ever. And you may not appreciate it, but that's saying something. I love the Panthers, and I will never jump ship--or in this case, the raft--but they are losing me on some level. The fire in the belly, the hope, the being on edge and at a moment's notice to defend the team, rationalize the moves, and wax on about how we're building something is being lost. Maybe it's just a temporary rant, or perhaps something more. I don't even know at this point. It's certainly not happiness. There is no giddiness at the thought of being in franchise QB wilderness, regardless of whatever preceded it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of rooting for a true poverty franchise. 

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1. For most teams in our situation, QB hell can last years or decades. Finding an Elite QB is 95% pure luck.

2. We’re not going to be able to build through FA. We need to build through the draft. That’s where our big players will come from.

3. If Rhule and co stick around, it will take them a few more years to become savvy enough in the ways of the nfl to compete. He needs a former HC at the OC spot to speed up this process.


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He picked Miami over Charlotte. Miami (also no state income tax) is more desirable than Charlotte for a young star. Unless we develop a strong program that’s always competitive, players will always pick the bigger cities. 

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