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How far out do you think this team is from being Super Bowl caliber ready


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I firmly believe SBs are a mix of quality of roster, coaching, luck, and timing.  Two of those things are largely out of our control - when does the team get hot, when are people getting healthy, etc.  Roster is partly there... We are close to an elite defense... Good skill players on offense... but real bad at OL and QB.  And yet, OL is an interesting thing, because a couple great additions can change the entire look of a unit.  QB, tho...

And then there's coaching.  Last year, I thought it was a strength... This year, fug, Rhule looks as lost as our offense.

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If that Watson trade had gone through we would have been a bonafide playoff contender this season and as long as you're in the dance anything can happen. 

The defense is good, they would be even better if they were able to play with leads and not constantly on the field due to 3 and outs. 

Both Watson and McCaffrey have put up MVP caliber seasons before behind not so great offensive lines. 

And I know Robby's gotten fat and lazy DJ Moore's making business decisions 🙄 apparently. But they were one of the best 1-2 threats just a season ago. 


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Trade for OT Cam Robertson... Not Newton We desperately need a Starting/ Franchise Offensive Tackle. Taylor Decker is also another Legit offensive Tackle to get. 

DRAFT- First round pick OC- Tyler Linderbaum. 

 A Starting QB...

And a safety to pair with Chin

Just for starters.

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9 hours ago, TheBigKat said:

I’d say 3-4 seasons at least


 this team will need to rebuild their o line

 find a franchise QB

 learn to move on from CMC


 THANKFULLY the team has very good young building blocks but realistically we’re no where near being an upper echelon team in the NFL for the foreseeable future

2 years IMO. Basically a year to acquire and develop an offensive line. Also, if we draft a QB it's not uncommon for year 2 QBs to be ready to take their teams deep into the playoffs. In the meantime I think we will flirt with wildcard status similar to what the Bills did their first 3 years.

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