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Tanker's Special: The Teams Seeking a QB in 2022


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Teams that are certain to be picking before the Panthers in 2022 that will probably grab a QB in the 2022 draft:

1.  Detroit (they should be #1 and they have draft capital)

2. Houston (if they make a trade before the draft, they can grab any player they want after Detroit picks--and Houston will be picking top 5 regardless)

Teams that will be picking around where the Panthers pick in the draft that need a QB are:

1. Pittsburgh

2. Washington

A few teams that MIGHT be in the market are:

  •  Vikings, Giants, Broncos, Saints, Falcons, Eagles, Buccaneers

A few players who will be traded during the off-season to eliminate a need:

  • Watson- Will the Texans deal this QB during the offseason?  Odds are they will. 
  • Garappolo- Even though he is starting, the 9ers will deal JG in the offseason.

The college prospects:
I have no idea if Howell is going to leave for the NFL or not.  In my view, there are 5 who could start in the NFL and one dark horse--

  • Matt Corral:  This year, he has shown the ability to make every NFL throw.  A good passer, and he is a dual threat. (Top 10--highly unlikely that the Panthers will have this option)
  • Kenny Pickett:  Probably (arguably) the most NFL ready with his maturation and experience.  (Top 20)
  • Sam Howell: With protection and WR talent, he could be a good NFL QB.  (Round 1-2)
  • Carson Strong: Not mobile, but his arm strength and deep ball accuracy give you a player to build around. (Round 1-2)
  • Malik Willis:  A few bad games may drop him into round 2, but he has elite arm strength and mobility. (Round 1-2)

Dark Horse:  Bailey Zappe, Western KY: Makes all the throws with great accuracy and precision. 4200 yards, 42 TDs, 7 Ints. at the moment. (Round 1-3)  https://www.profootballnetwork.com/bailey-zappe-western-kentucky-qb-nfl-draft-scouting-report-2022/

Outlook:  If the Panthers want Corral or Pinkett, they may have to turn down trades and take the player when they draft.  However, if they value Strong, Willis, or Howell, they might be able to pick up a second rounder by sliding back in round 1.  The Panthers may not have Cam under contract next season, and could focus on using Darnold until the rookie is ready.  If the Panthers have cap room, spend it on the OL if they cannot address it through the draft due to taking a QB.  However, if we dropped a few spots and added a second round LT, and addressed G and C in free agency...

Of course, they could trade back and grab a few OL and wait a year to address QB, but that is not a move you make in year 3 of a rebuild.  I think we have no choice but to draft a QB in round 1.

No, I do not see giving Cam a contract (based on what I have seen in 2018, 2019, 2020 in New England, and so far in 2021). Sorry.  Not quite on that train yet.   I do not see building a line and letting Darnold run this show next year.  We need a QB, and I am guessing we will draft one.  Going all in for Watson?  Nope--we need those draft picks to meet other needs.

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I don't think we will get a true feel for what the Panthers are thinking until after the next five games have been played.  They need to figure out if Cam is going to make it.  If Cam plays well, even just marginally above average given the limitations on that side of ball they'll keep him.  They couldn't afford the blowback from their fan base.  Cam may be polarizing, but he is a proven NFL starter and winner.

I also don't think the staff here want a rookie.  If there was ever a time to draft one, it was last year.

We no longer have any ammo to go after Deshaun.  Jimmy G is interesting, but again, where does the ammo to go get him come from?

I think Cam stays as the starter, Sam stays as the backup (can't afford to cut him).  But that's based on the idea Cam doesn't flame out.

I would not be at all surprised if we bring in a new OC.  Joe Brady has done absolutely nothing to make anyone believe he's the next big thing.  Quite the opposite.  He's failed with two QB's and had a third look very bad last week.

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Posted this in another thread but it applies here too.

From a 2016 article in NJ.com:

“After practice, I got to sit down with Coach (Matt) Rhule and my mom and my dad. And it’s my mom’s second time, I think, coming to campus, coming to see it," continued the 6-2, 190-pound three-star recruit. “And she got to meet the coaching staff, so that was another part going into it. But I knew that leading into today’s visit that I was gonna commit.”

The Temple staff, led by Rhule, responded to Pickett's pledge with jubilation.

“He’s very excited,” said Pickett, a pro-style quarterback. “(Quarterbacks) Coach (Glenn) Thomas, all the coaches, everyone’s ecstatic and I’m excited, too.”

QB Kenny Pickett commits to Temple

(Rhule left for Baylor that offseason so Pickett decommitted)

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Hell no to any rookie QB, unless you plan on sitting him the entire year. We would absolutely ruin him behind whatever o-line we throw out next year and it would be a wasted pick, just like Zach Wilson. You don't want to ruin a young QB early, and that's exactly what we would be doing. Fix the o-line. How about an all o-line draft this time? Oh wait, I forgot we traded most of our draft picks next year. Well, we're fugged.

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Wherever we end up in the first, trade back. 

Draft OL. Then more OL. Then some more OL. 

Baring a Watson/Russell Wilson/Aaron Rodgers blank check to come here around the promise of a rebuilt OL, we're forced to roll with the same at QB next year outside of a random mid-round QB. Why draft a 1st round QB and put them into this shitshow?  Hell, go get Minshew and give him the Teddy/Darnold treatment for cheaper. 

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5 minutes ago, cookinbrak said:

Why is everyone obsessed with Howell? He was about the 5th best QB in the ACC.


the last draft was the one to pickup QB talent.  But Rhule said Sam + a DB is better than going the logical route for a team that kicked Cam to the curb. 

and if there is a top 10 worthy QB in this draft class….we wouldn’t be able to draft him.  A QB needed team ahead of us would.  

and we aren’t in position to trade away any more draft picks for players.   Can’t build a team with no picks.   

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