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Did you see what the Patriots did last night...


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That might have been one of the best displays of football I have seen in years.

Mac Jones only attempted 3 passes.

Just complete domination by the Patriots.


When will it be our turn to have a line that can just impose it's will on the enemy? Where you know it's coming but you can't stop it.

Man that was great to watch.

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They threw three passes all game. Ran the ball for over 200 yards and won the game over the Bills at their house.

Of course having an NFL quality Oline and a HOF coach doesn't hurt. Rhule wanted to run the ball 30+ times a game and Brady just blew him off.

The Oline run blocks much better then pass block. Let's see if Rhule wants to keep that strategy. Of course the wind was blowing 50 miles and hour with blowing snow so running made sense.

With Cam possibly starting again, would it make sense to run 30+ times a game and see what transpires?

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23 minutes ago, Pimpdaddy said:

Yea crazy game.... McDirt got schooled and out coached...by the wise old cheating sage...

Not sure he got schooled. Bills players did everything they could in dropped passes (Knox is certainly not Kelce) like that TD bomb that bounced of Diggs’ forearm and that missed short FG. Make that FG and they can run the clock a bit and kick a chip shot to win. Pats game plan worked but the Bills had plenty of opportunities to get ahead and made mistake after mistake to come away with 0 points on two drives that got to the 10 in the last 8 minutes.

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