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How do you feel about the Panthers future with Matt Rhule


How do you feel about the Panthers future with Matt Rhule  

73 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your level of optimism about the Panthers future at thist ime?

    • Extremely Pessimistic (may not watch a single game next year)
    • Moderately Pessimistic (concerned but still interested in the team)
    • On the Fence (need another year to decide)
    • Moderately Optimistic (still think Rhule can right the ship)
    • Extremely Optimistic (we're winning the SuperBowl with Rhule)

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Fatt Rhule is trash and we're a doormat and laughing stock as long as he's here. I've watched my last Rhule coached a Panthers game as of a couple weeks ago.

I've missed games in the past but this past Sunday was a different experience for me. It was the first time since Julius Peppers was drafted that I sat down and simply watched a different football game while the Panthers were playing. As long as Rhule is here that's gonna be what I do. Fug that guy and fug what he's done to the Panthers and fug Tepper for sitting there with his thumb up his ass watching it happen while he counts his money.

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Moderately pessimistic bc I'll give it a chance. I'm at a point in my live where I'm not going to let a game on TV negatively affect my life. If I'm not entertained, I won't watch. Watching incompetent play by my favorite team is not entertaining. It'll be easy for me not to watch.

I'll dutifully show up at the start of next season like I always do, but once it becomes apparent that nothing has changed, then my Sundays will open up quickly.

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I tried to watch the game Sunday and fell asleep, woke up thinking I was in a nightmare and turned it off and went to watch a movie when I realized what was going on. 

It's the worst I have seen since the team started up. I keep waiting for a change from the downward spiral but it just keeps going. I'm not giving any money or good will to this team until they do better. It's enjoy my boos because there is nothing to cheer for territory. 

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5 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

If Rhule is back next year there will be bags on heads at BOA.

Knowing our fanbase, empty seats and opposing fans is more likely. But yeah, that's where we are at. 

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