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Watson to Cleveland

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11 minutes ago, Pimpdaddy said:

Good for the Browns...they're built to win now.... only thing they need is a real D-coordinator...

They will find a way to fug it up.  This is the Browns we're talking about.

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4 minutes ago, CPantherKing said:

Is he officially a Brown or did he just post an image of him in a Browns uniform with an unnamed source who leaked generic numbers? When he is on a plane to the Browns to do media like Amari Cooper did when he was officially a Brown, then we can call it official. Until then it is an Instagram post to feed the media dogs.

As of right now, his contract is still held by the Texans. Waiting for the Texans to agree to the Browns terms.

I just don’t understand why no one has ever taken you seriously? 92FBC665-4526-450A-B180-0868623C1F34.gif.01a2cc6eadce12f49d3c136f13b3b897.gif

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230 guaranteed plus massive pick overall

big part of me believes watson is just fleecing the nfl…doesn’t want live in cold and far from home not to mention winning anything with a historical bad franchise albeit better lately but just a tad…the irony of being put through the ringer by gold diggers lol

he doesn’t care about winning come on

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16 minutes ago, jfra78 said:

They will find a way to fug it up.  This is the Browns we're talking about.

Right...been there for 50+...but... they have assembled a good solid team on both sides of the ball.... so, they at least realized Mayfield wasnt the answer... so they are doing everything right at this point to win.... I think watson will let them down...just like he would have with us if we won the lotto...December /January is a bitch in OH....baleeed that sht.

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14 minutes ago, CPantherKing said:

Can anyone find a Browns player that has congratulated Watson for being their new franchise QB?

That'd be kind of uncomfortable given the situation with Baker Mayfield right now.

However if you look at his Instagram post, you'll find he's been congratulated by several NFL players and former Clemson teammates.

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