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Charlotte “unlikely” to contribute taxpayer money for new Panthers headquarters

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8 hours ago, 1of10Charnatives said:

Tax incentives for "economic impact" is socialism under another name. It is the government favoring one business over another. Sports teams are just the most visible portion of a corporate world that has learned to use the prisoner's dilemma as an effective tool to extort funds from the public purse.

Prisoner's Dilemma Definition (investopedia.com)

That’s capitalism 

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13 hours ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

“Right now, we have other priorities we’re working with,” Graham said. “Dollars are limited. The biggest thing is we have other priorities.”

The local push and pull over taxpayer money has obvious relevance to the team’s desire to build a new stadium. Owner David Tepper will expect public money. What happens if he can’t get as much as he wants, or any at all?

Other cities have learned that lesson the hard way. Charlotte potentially could be next

Tepper can leave any time he wants 

the world will continue to revolve…just not around  him

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, Panthercougar68 said:

It’s no secret that Charlotte pipe and foundry has moved production.


look on a map who the next door neighbor WAS to pipe and foundry.



Have a company built a futuristic dome structure over BofA and build the training/retail facility at the foundry instead of RH.


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11 hours ago, Waldo said:

oh no wtf GIF by CBC

If he can't get a practice facility built in Rock Hill how can he complete a new stadium in downtown Charlotte on the tax payer backs as much as  possible?

Friends Reaction GIF

Ahhhh. This is Teppers hustle. The reality is the Rock Hill project will ultimately be completed. This little work stoppage will net Tepper 2 positive outcomes. 

1. rock hill local and state government will sweeten the deal. Tepper will get his practice facility completed and with a better deal than originally agreed upon.

2. This is most important. The rock hill situation is an indirect message to Charlotte government, you either give Tepper public dollars to build his new stadium or deal with real possibility of losing the team. Tepper is a greedy MoFo and operates without boundaries.


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