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Tepper Sports to install grass field but not for Panthers

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Apparently, the Carolina Panthers aren’t good enough for grass. But Chelsea F.C. sure as hell is.

In a piece on Wednesday from the Charlotte Business Journal, managing editor Erik Spanberg reports that Tepper Sports & Entertainment has agreed to provide a grass field at Bank of America Stadium for the July 20 exhibition match between Charlotte FC and the Premier League giant. The venue, as of the start of the 2021 NFL season, has been operating with an artificial turf surface.

To Chelsea F.C.’s credit, they’re very much aware of this [significantly greater percentage of non-contact injuries] —hence their contingency of installing grass at the stadium. Can’t be getting these valuable athletes hurt, right . . . ?


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12 minutes ago, 1989 said:

I will never understand the amount of concern some of y’all have with grass. That is is not why we win or lose. 

Doesn’t matter about the grass itself, but it’s statistically proven that players are more likely to get injured on turf than grass.  Ligament injuries specifically.  But grass is more expensive and Tepper loves his soccer teams, so here we are 

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Well, they forced his hand. The NFL won't ever do it because this is America where the rich can put a cost-value analysis on everything, even potential for injury and death regardless if there's a substantially safer way.

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19 minutes ago, cookinbrak said:

A better observation would be that turf is good enough for Charlotte FC, but not Chelsea. Why cater to a visiting team?

Charlotte FC will be on turf for every other game.

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