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McAdoo Predictable


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14 minutes ago, Proudiddy said:

Not relieving McAdoodoo of his negligence here, but again, this dysfunction has been present under Rhule every season.  

I cannot buy that McAdoodoo, with previous experience as an NFL OC and HC, would not catch this or think he could slide by with it purposely...  no matter how inept he may or may not have been in his professional coaching career, he's been on this level and would notice this stuff quickly...  

Again, my suspicion is that Rhule has a specific idea for how the offense should be ran and only allows the OCs to operate within that very limited scope.  Even when we dumped Brady and went to Rhule's HS Sweetheart for that few games last year, there was no significant change in the philosophy or playcalling.  It has felt, like for 3 years, outside of that first 3 games last season, that every week teams have known exactly what plays we were running before we ran them...  hell, teams have even come out and said just that.  Remember Cam's game in Miami last season where everyone was dumping on him?  Explain how Miami's defensive front knew exactly when he was going to throw and where to deflect that crazy amount of passes at the line they did.  And then go back and look at the picks...  they weren't on Cam, the DBs were literally running their routes for them and cut them off.  Also, remember Robbie complaining that teams were sitting on everything underneath last season?  And again, were on our third OC in 3 years now under Rhule and it all looks the same.  Just as predictable...

But regardless, this is beyond embarrassing.  No way would I have ever imagined at any point that our team would reach this level of amateurism.  Smh...

This makes absolute perfect sense because just the other day I was asking myself how in the hell do you get a completely new QB with a brand new OC, brand new O line and the offense still look IDENTICAL to the last three years, what are the odds of that? I mean it looks so identical that if I was living under a rock abc didn’t even know we signed Baker, I would have never guessed in a million years that it wasn’t Sam playing this year and we got a new QB. It blows my mind how much the offense is the same despite the top down change from the QB to the OC to the O line. How does that even happen?! 

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4 minutes ago, TrevorLaurenceTime22 said:

He is 45.... which unless you are Mcvay isn't old by NFL coaching standards... Is ideas are old though he is originally an offensive line coach lol.

...dude looks 55.... when you start getting leapfrogged in ur area of expertise...prolly should find something else to do...guarantee hes running the same BS he did with NY...but there are teams that think you can do the job...so...milk it.

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2 hours ago, frankw said:

Many people talked themselves into the McAdoo hire but it was dogshit from the start. Didn't Jay Gruden just flat out turn us down for an interview at the time? Oof.

Just another sign of being the modern Browns. It’s really really bad. We desperately need that number one pick and one of the top QBs not to go back to school to even have a chance to coax a top HC prospect to come into this shitstorm. Hell we might even need multiple years of top picks like the Browns. 

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