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Dan Graziano: Panthers interested in Frank Reich


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21 minutes ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

Jeremy Fowler adds Carolina is expected to look hard at coaches with a background on offense, including: 

- Bills OC Ken Dorsey 

- Lions OC Ben Johnson 

- Bengals OC Brian Callahan 

- Cowboys OC Kellen Moore

- Giants OC Mike Kafka 

- Seahawks OC Shane Waldron 

- Dolphins OC Frank Smith

- Jets OC Mike LaFleur 

- Commanders OC Scott Turner 

- Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy 


Ken Dorsey would be hilarious. 

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With Tepper still doing the hiring, it doesn’t matter. He’s way in over his head and has absolutely no clue what he is doing.

He’s like that business owner that’s really good friends or family with the investors or whatever and was given the keys to take over despite zero experience. Normally, you ignore what he says to keep things productive having a lot of experience. But every once in while he comes in an makes this huge, batshit weird, off the wall decision to flex, even though everyone knows he has no idea what his decision will mean and for the next few months you scramble just trying to keep poo from hitting the fan and finding/maintaining workarounds of said horrible decision until his next blunder. Meanwhile he takes all the credit for things running smoothly and even excelled while you’ve done essentially the opposite covering up his dumbshit behind his back. We have all had this happen in some degree.

Except Tepper is the owner and no one is overriding him and but like said owner, he isn’t even smart enough to realize how dumb and out of touch his mentality is. And no one will tell him otherwise not because he doesn’t welcome it but because he hires very like minded individuals whose are full of poo and ‘sway you’ (see Rhule). Tepper says he likes it when people disagree but then hires people who think like him. Weird isn’t it? 

Tepper would benefit from actually hiring someone he really hates and disagrees with.

I would doubt and be extremely skeptical of anyone Tepper would hire because it would be done for all the wrong reasons, by someone completely unqualified.

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