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Dan Graziano: Panthers interested in Frank Reich


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2 hours ago, rippadonn said:

Untarnished? Frank Reich was the actual adult in the room and ownership wanted roster control.

He made pretty good lemonade out of lemons. Is Tepper as batsh*t as Irsay? No. This would be greener grass for a offensive minded coach with head coaching experience like Frank Reich.

Oh, and legacy, Panthers legacy, he brings that. If he can get the Panthers back to 1996 form like when he was bleeding for the black and blue. Win win.

Reich being let go by the crazy man may be a blessing in disguise for both the Panthers and Reich. It's a match.


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23 minutes ago, Snake said:

I didn't get his record wrong. You guys just cherry picked his entire career record and not what happened this season. He was fired for this season. I rather take Wilks than this guy. He's already peaked and is going down. 

You said he didn't get to 500, you didn't specify this season.  Picking one season is literally cherry picking.  

As far as him peaking, like any other coach, he might just need the right qb.  Just like Belichick, or Reid or Pete Carroll, etc...  

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1 hour ago, rippadonn said:

The biggest problem is we've never had a great QB coach/OC. 

Having been through Matt Rhule I'd want to stay far away from upstarts at this time. We need an experienced NFL coach to get the most out of all three phases.

Frank Reich

Lane Kiffin

Jim Harbaugh

All these guys have NFL head coaching experience and are offensive minded.


Yea...me too. But tipper wants to prove hes smarter than anyone else... I think he gets jobbed again.

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29 minutes ago, rayzor said:

Passing on Dorsey. Doesn't seem anything particularly special or innovative about him. Doesn't seem able to adapt or scheme all that well.

Kellen Moore.... Pretty curious there, but is what he's doing sustainable?

I mean you got CeeDee Lamb, Zeke, Pollard as RB2, TE seems to catch everything...

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7 minutes ago, Aussie Tank said:

I’ve got an unpopular idea if we draft Young. Hire Bill O’Brien also draft Gibbs in the second round get an Alabama pipeline going it’s worked well for BB in New England. Just don’t give O’Brien any GM powers 

Yeah I'd call that unpopular. Bama fans don't even want him at OC

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