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Let’s talk Division Title


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6 minutes ago, TLGPanthersFan said:

Because home field advantage won’t mean anything against whoever we face. We have yet to actually beat anyone, all our wins how come against bad teams. 
All of our worst loses have come against playoff teams. 
We got blown out but the 49ers at home. I don’t think home field advantage will mean anything. 
Stop beating bad teams and actually win against a playoff team. 
Unfortunately after the Seahawks all we face is bad teams so we may enter the playoffs on a high horse only to be brought back down to earth. 

Our schedule was weak AF. If we were a half decent team we would have had 8 wins right now. I'm pretty sure we could fug up our draft status and not make the playoffs and that's the most likely to happen. 

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3 minutes ago, Brooklyn 3.0 said:

People really want us to trip into the Playoffs only to get destroyed. Hey, whatever will make your sad little lives a little better for a few weeks or so.

texas rangers gallo GIF by MLB

The tank is officially destroyed. 


We have no other choice at this point.

The absolute worst we would do is win two more. 10 wins isn't getting us a top 5 pick

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9 hours ago, TLGPanthersFan said:

We'll see how exciting it is when we are getting our asses blown out by a team that actually deserves to be there and probably deserves to host that playoff game and only has a lower seed because NFL playoff seeding is all screwed up.

It’s really not screwed up. It’s actually perfect. Keeps the entire year interesting. 

Just win your division. Every division has up and down years.

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If you are a saints fan You are loving this.

whoever wins this division will have home field advantage over a powerhouse wildcard team.  IE a pay back.

panthers were the only team to win, last Sunday.  So we are back to , “To Tank,,, or not to Tank,,,, that is the question.”

my point is that whoever wins this division will have at least one home field advantage game.

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Well based on how the season started....this is awesome. We get to watch actual meaningful football into December! Let's hope they run the table or if not the cards fall in their favor. A home playoff game in Charlotte would be awesome and, imo, would help a lot by giving this young roster a taste of the excitement/pressure of a playoff game. 

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Very Panther like thing to do 

1. fire a terrible coach 

2.  get rid of as many of that coach’s assistants as possible 

3.  CMC moved on 

4  get rid of the cancer that was Robbie Anderson 

5  play all the players that were in the dog house from previous coach t

Playoffs possible   (Need to revisit  that after Seattle and a QB who can complete a pass)



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