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The QB School : Breaking down AR and Levis

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Everyone knows the top two guys in the class are Stroud and Young. But it should be stated that the FO is going to really dive into all these guys this offseason. JT O’Sullivan breaks down the “other guys” Levis and Richardson, in two videos.

They are each a little over 30 min long, but he takes you through a game for each QB and really dives into the nuance of the position. These are phenomenal watches and I highly recommend taking some time out of your day to check them out. 

Both of these guys come into the process with question marks, but watch these and you tell me who you think is closer…

That being said, I want ZERO part of Will Levis 🤣



Anthony Richardson (man this kid makes you stop and take another look) 



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I’ve really warmed up to the idea of ARich at 9.  Especially considering our staff and what it’s projecting to look like. I feel comfortable with a guy with elite tools like Richardson being coached by these guys.

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I am about half way through the AR video and I'm liking what I hear. So far it sounds like footwork is the biggest issue. If Reich can help him fix that I like what I see. Seems to move around in the pocket well, goes through some reads. Kinda of reminds me of Cam a little, hot and cold on the fundamentals but even off his back foot/toes his arm can get the ball there. On that note footwork and consistency in throwing platform seem to be a BIG deal, so if he can't get that fixed it is going to lead to a lot of frustration. 


Still got 10 minutes left. 

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5 minutes ago, Purrnicious said:

I'd feel way better about either Levis or AR now that we're putting together a staff that can actually develop QB's. It might be a blessing that we never drafted one with the last regime. 

Lol, I couldn't resist...



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